Best Cat Stroller: Our Vets Top 4 PicksĀ 

Prior to rehoming Lilly, we took turns on the walks in the cat stroller. After all, she had a broken back, not a broken spirit. 

Regardless if you have a senior cat with health issues, an injured cat, or just want a safe, and in my opinion, convenient option to take your cat out – a cat stroller could be an all-in-one solution we all been looking for. 

Before we start, you should know that there is no specific dedicated market for cat strollers, they are universal to all pets. 

Just recently cat parents started exploring this market and the demand is on the rise. 

That’s why I will recommend the best cat strollers that I and my team personally used, and strollers our friends enjoy for their cats. 

Here is a quick view of our 4 picks.

Cat strollerBest FeaturesPrice (at the time of publishing)Learn more
Pet Gear No-ZipEasy-locking,
NO-ZIP entry
Elevated paw rest
Panoramic view window, and top window with viewing area
Easy one-hand fold mechanism
Water-resistant material
SKISOPGO Dog Cat Pet Gear 3-in-13-in-1 Pet Stroller: Carrier, car seat, and stroller
Safety seat belt 
Quick access to your cat from either side
Easy folding with one button
Suitable for under 30Lb 
Quiet wheels
Shock absorption
Azaeahom Pet StrollerGood breathability
Easy access to the cat
Easy to assemble and  foldable
Large storage basket and water cup rack 
Safety lock on the inside
Rear wheel brake and shock absorption 
Easy to clean
PETIQUE Pet & PetsBuilt-in leashes for safety
Light and foldable
Removable fabric for easy wash
Two levels to accommodate 2 small pets

Pet Gear No-Zip

Pet Gear No-Zip cat stroller

I purchased the Pet Gear No-Zip Happy Trails Pet Stroller for Lilly – the injured cat, and I must say it has been a fantastic investment. This stroller is a comfortable and safe way for cats to enjoy some fresh air and outdoor time while recovering from their injury.

Lilly’s new parents are fascinated with the stroller and as you might have guessed, Lilly is the Wyoming star. 

The key feature that sets this stroller apart is its zipperless entry. With the No-Zip technology, you can easily access your cat without any hassle or fumbling with zippers. 

This is especially important when dealing with an injured pet who may require gentle handling and quick access for check-ups or administering medication

The stroller’s easy-fold design has been incredibly convenient. It folds up effortlessly, allowing for compact storage and transportation. This feature has been particularly helpful when taking Lilly to the vet clinic. I could quickly collapse the stroller and fit it into the car without any hassle.

The removable liner of the stroller is easily detachable, making it simple to clean and maintain hygiene. This is crucial for pets with injuries or post-surgery recovery, as cleanliness plays a significant role in their healing process.

Safety is of utmost importance when using a pet stroller. The Happy Trails Pet Stroller includes a safety tether, ensuring that the cat remains securely inside the stroller while on the move.

The stroller is equipped with a storage basket and cup holder. 

I used the storage basket for water, treats, and medical supplies. The cup holder is a convenient feature for cat parents, you can place coffee or other drinks.

The sturdy construction and durable materials of this stroller gave me confidence in its longevity. It can withstand outdoor terrain and regular use.

I recommend this stroller to anyone looking for a comfortable, secure, and convenient way to transport their cats for outdoor enrichment.

Pet Gear No-Zip best features

  • Easy-locking, NO-ZIP entry
  • Elevated paw rest
  • Panoramic view window, and top window with viewing area
  • Easy one-hand fold mechanism
  • 600 Denier water-resistant material

Other cat parents’ reviews

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You can find this stroller here.

SKISOPGO Dog Cat Pet Gear 3-in-1

SKISOPGO Dog Cat Pet Gear 3-in-1 cat stroller

This versatile pet stroller offers multiple functions, including a detachable carrier, car seat, and stroller.

The push button entry system of this stroller is a standout feature. It allows for quick and easy access to the stroller without the hassle of dealing with zippers or complicated closures. 

It can be easily folded down for storage or transportation, making it convenient for trips or outings. The compact size when folded ensures that it doesn’t take up much space in your vehicle or home.

The detachable carrier function of this 3-in-1 stroller is particularly useful. It provides a safe and comfortable space for your cat during travel or visits to the vet. The carrier can be easily attached or detached from the stroller, allowing for seamless transitions and versatility.

The stroller also functions as a car seat, providing a secure and comfortable space for your cat during car rides. 

In terms of quality, the SKISOPGO pet stroller impresses with its sturdy construction and durability. It is designed to withstand regular use and outdoor conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance. The materials used are of good quality, providing comfort and safety for your pet.

Best Features

  • 3-in-1 Pet Stroller: Carrier, car seat, and stroller
  • Safety seat belt 
  • Quick access to your cat from either side
  • Easy folding with one button
  • Suitable for under 30Lb 
  • Quiet wheels
  • Shock absorption
You can browse the cat stroller here.

Azaeahom Pet Stroller

Azaeahom Pet Stroller

A more affordable but equally good option for first-time stroller users. 

One of the standout features of this pet stroller is its four-wheel design, which offers excellent stability and maneuverability. The stroller rolls smoothly on various terrains, allowing for effortless walks or jogs with your cat. The wheels are sturdy and durable for a reliable and comfortable ride.

The foldable design of the stroller is another advantage. It can be easily folded and unfolded, making it convenient for storage and transportation. This feature is particularly beneficial when traveling or when space is limited. 

The stroller is equipped with a spacious storage basket for carrying essentials such as cat supplies, toys, and personal belongings.

The breathable mesh material used in the stroller ensures proper ventilation and visibility. It allows fresh air to circulate while keeping insects and bugs out. The mesh also provides a clear view, allowing cats to enjoy their surroundings while remaining safe and secure inside the stroller.

Assembly and disassembly of the stroller are straightforward, thanks to the user-friendly design. It can be easily set up without the need for any additional tools, and the folding mechanism is simple to operate. This makes it convenient for everyday use and storage.

Best Features

  • Good breathability
  • Easy access to the cat
  • Easy to assemble and  foldable
  • Large storage basket and water cup rack 
  • Safety lock on the inside
  • Rear wheel brake and shock absorption 
  • Easy to clean
You can browse the stroller here.

PETIQUE Pet & Pets

PETIQUE Pet & Pets cat stroller

Our contributor Sara loved the idea of a cat stroller but her young dog was still pulling during walks so she couldn’t figure out how to walk both at the same time. We made suggestions and helped with dog training but she set herself on a mission to discover a multi-use solution – and that’s why we love her!

If you ever see Sara flipping and testing devices, strollers, toys, beds, etc feel free to say hi 🙂

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Here is what Sara had to say about this multi-pet stroller. 

The stroller’s lightweight construction, weighing just 11.53 pounds. It makes it easy to maneuver and transport for a  hassle-free experience. The stroller’s compact size also allows for easy storage when not in use.

Another noteworthy aspect is the stroller’s durability and sturdiness. Despite its lightweight design, the PETIQUE Double Decker Pet Stroller maintains its structural integrity. It can withstand everyday use and provide reliable transportation for pets.

The swivel front wheels enable smooth navigation, making walks or jogs more enjoyable for both pets and owners.

I can confidently recommend the PETIQUE Pet & Pets Double Decker Pet Stroller. Its two-level design, lightweight construction, durability, and convenient features make it an excellent choice for pet owners with multiple pets. Whether you have a combination of small dogs, cats, or other small animals, this stroller provides a safe and comfortable transportation for your furry companions.

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Best Features

  • Built-in leashes for safety
  • Light and foldable
  • Removable fabric for easy wash
  • Two levels to accommodate 2 small pets
You can browse this stroller here

How do I choose a cat stroller? 

When choosing a cat stroller, there are several factors to consider to ensure the best fit for your cat’s needs and preferences. Here are some steps to help you choose a cat stroller:

Consider the size and weight capacity: Some strollers have weight limits, so choose one that can safely support your cat’s weight.

Stroller’s design and construction: Look for a stroller with a sturdy frame and durable materials to ensure its longevity. Check if the stroller has a secure enclosure with mesh windows for ventilation and visibility. 

The ease of use: Consider how easy it is to assemble, fold, and store the stroller. Look for features like one-hand folding mechanisms or quick-release wheels that make using the stroller in different situations convenient.

Look for safety features: Ensure that the stroller has a secure locking system to prevent accidental openings or escapes. Some strollers offer additional safety features like tethers or leash attachments to keep your cat safely secured inside the stroller.

Consider storage and accessories: Assess the storage options available on the stroller, such as compartments or pockets for carrying essentials like treats, toys, or water bottles. Some strollers also come with additional accessories like rain covers, sunshades, or storage baskets, which can be useful depending on your needs.

Best cat stroller: our scores

Cat StrollerComfortMulti-useSafety Durability Final ScoreView product
Pet Gear No-Zip4.
SKISOPGO Dog Cat Pet Gear 3-in-
Azaeahom Pet Stroller4.
PETIQUE Pet & Pets4.

Vet Q$A

Q: Are cat strollers a good idea?

A: Yes. Cat strollers are a safe and secure way to take your cat outdoors This is especially important for indoor cats who may not be accustomed to the outside environment and could be at risk of injury or getting lost if allowed to roam freely.

Cats are naturally curious and enjoy exploring their surroundings. Cat strollers allow them to experience the outdoors, enjoy new sights and smells, and engage with their environment in a controlled and safe way.

Cat strollers are a fantastic option for cats with mobility issues, older cats, or recovering from injuries or surgeries. 

Cat strollers make it easier to transport your cat when going on vet visits, outdoor events, or trips to pet-friendly establishments. 

In addition to easy transport to the vets, we found that senior citizens can provide better care for their cats, especially if they can’t hold a cat carrier. 

However, not all cats may enjoy being in a stroller, so introduce them gradually and observe their reactions. 

Q: Do cats enjoy pet strollers?

A: Yes, if you introduce the stroller slowly and gradually. Some cats may be confused and scared at first, but they will eventually connect the stroller with the adventure, so my advice is to use the stroller for walks first. 

Don’t use the stroller for a vet visit as soon as you get it, especially if your cat gets upset in vet clinics. 

You want to have a positive experience with the stroller first, and then when your cat gets used to it, you can take them to the vet in it. 

Q: Are pet strollers worth it?

A: Yes, your cat can experience the world in a safe and convenient way.