25 [All Sizes] Best Dog Halloween Costumes In 2023 

The sentence  “You only have ten summers, ten Christmases, ten Haloweens, ten New Years; every additional year is a blessing” stuck deeply in my heart and mind. Our dogs are our family, and each occasion should be special. 

My dog was a butterfly, a spider, a flower, a bee, and this year, we are going trick-or-treating as a DC family. 

Halloween is near, and we rolled our sleeves to help you choose the best dog Halloween costume for your pup and your family. 

We categorized Halloween costumes into groups to help you navigate:

Whether you’re going for a cute and cuddly look or something that will give everyone a good scare, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s check out some of the best Halloween Costumes you can find for your doggo in 2023!

Dog sizeHalloween costumesLearn more
Small dogsNACOCO Dog Costume Pirates of The Caribbean StyleView the costume
NACOCO Cowboy Rider Dog Costume for Dogs Clothes Knight Style with Doll and Hat for Halloween DayView the costume
Dog Mail Carrier Costume USPSView the costume
Filhome Halloween Dog QueenView the costume
Snow Dog CostumeView the costume
Medium dogsCalifornia Costumes UPS Dog CostumeView the costume
Deadly Doll Dog Costume, Chucky Dog Cosplay Funny Costume HalloweenView the costume
DC Comics Pet Costume, Medium, Wonder WomanView the costume
Dog Bee Costume HalloweenView the costume
Spider Pup CostumeView the costume
Large dogsLegendog Dog Bat WingsView the costume
NEWBEA Lion Mane for Dog Costume, Realistic Funny Lion WigView the costume
Chucky Dog Costume HalloweenView the costume
Action Hero Pet CostumeView the costume
Pet Butterfly CostumeView the costume
Extra large dogsDog TuxedoView the costume
Casual Canine Prison Pooch Costume for DogsView the costume
DC Comics Pet Costume, X-Large, BatmanView the costume
Rubie’s Pet Costume, X-Large, Red QueenView the costume
Rubie’s unisex adult Where’s Waldo Pet CostumeView the costume
Matching costumesBaby Shark Dog and Human CostumeView the costumes
DC Comics Mens’ Superhero Character Hooded Union Suit Footless Pajamas CostumeView the costumes
Jedi Star Wars Human & Pet Matching CostumesView the costumes
Hot Dog + Ketchup + Mustard Human & Dog Costume ComboView the costumes
Nurse and Doctor Human & Dog Matching setView the costumes
Haloween dog costumes

Halloween Costumes For Small Dogs

NACOCO Dog Costume Pirates of The Caribbean Style

sRMmCPxKsAQbvvw3n0iXP5BP9saWJDNahhIoh cqH6SfiF6rPog89gWEf8iaVa MVV7F3RTRnTyPuzx6vXYP2gI Ft171ZIM1wJwu9GEMc64aIAn2fpY7RRxZVwmEQ CHVaHL4Xly6tC3DcNwv5 ymw

This costume will make your dog look like a fearless pirate from the famous movie series!

It includes a pirate hat with a skull and crossbones emblem and a matching black jacket adorned with gold accents. Your dog can wear these clothes on the forelegs and head.

It’s adorable, comfortable, and safe to wash in the washing machine, making it reusable for other holidays.

Price: $12.99

You can check it out here.

NACOCO Cowboy Rider Dog Costume For Dogs

QMmtCdg4sJb8Ya zPLAiEuCprs2lqVQev7tDLfQiOdcgyLtpHeHxGtFm8sNUbo0JddAy M9gZ zjHDrXdpHdIiD fQxjVquqgvOf6X9GUmZdqF1g3whDSNmVpaTPdrP oETVV2PLajrWGsWLlUbaKEA

This costume gives your dog a Wild West makeover, turning it into a fearless cowboy rider. It comes with a tiny doll and a cute hat.

It comes with the design of saddle-shaped clothes, which is easier to wear for your dog. You can also adjust the HOOK&LOOP part by your doggo’s size and shape to make it feel more cosy.

It’s comfortable and easy to put on, so your pup can enjoy the Halloween night without fuss.

Price: $14.59

You can check it out here.

Dog Mail Carrier Costume USPS

ZUyBiLjxrf1J06VUhmXLhGGp3xOedxIqugout8e5COfNXwD4j8fpqhFFAExyI0oIOeO05OMQmsOQzDeSEIXjKVtnYNdb1qnn3RxPnkJygXDotmQ41R 0lz9

This costume is designed for small dogs and features the iconic USPS (United States Postal Service) blue outfit, complete with a cute hat and even a tiny mailbag. It’s the perfect way to add some playful spirit to your Halloween celebrations.

This costume has stuffed arms with hook and loop closures on the paws and a cardboard box with hook and loop closures to attach to the hands. It also includes a tiny, cute blue shirt that blends in with the arms, so it’ll look like your dog is carrying the mailbag!

Price: $21.18 (currently on sale)

You can check it out here.

Filhome Halloween Dog Queen

rvHzkl3fIAM5QFVcHsyjtHoJ3Wzjwak6SY0koz6 ITzDBj5bw1J cH13LnQoZBZiQC0I5fgtEFQ5zpmDfR7wCDUNLm Sfr5v7YI SgTRglU

This adorable outfit is perfect for turning your dog or cat into a majestic monarch for Halloween or any costume party. Queen costume with jewelry crown design makes your pet both cute and fashionable, bringing a strong Halloween festival atmosphere.

The clothes contain high-quality fabric, making them soft and comfortable. It has a stylish blue diamond pattern dress and an eye-catching queen crown. And putting it on is a breeze.

Whether you’re attending a costume party or just want to capture some adorable photos, this costume will make your pet the belle of the ball.

Price: $15.99

You can check it out here.

Snow Dog Costume

vL17ItdaDCwfn7M6Y4G5MMg eh1 G8zvArMnnnEtW0Ovq9cYvUb1GLE4IzOLCsgmb1R0AbO0yfx1YZF9qRX56Qs6yYn7fT9VpALf0vy2MEuxWGGKuQTRHALoDE f8oB9p8Io9SxBbPGvPmN 9u XwbE

This charming outfit transforms your pup into a Christmas princess, making them the center of attention at Halloween (and other special events!). Its pattern design is identical to the cartoon, making it look slick and recognizable.

The outside contains silk cloth, and the inside has cotton cloth, puffed shoulders, a mesh skirt, and red satin ribbons. So, it’s a cute and comfy outfit that can keep your pup warm and comfy, especially outside during the evenings.

Price: $10.99

You can check it out here.

Halloween Costumes For Medium Dogs

California Costumes UPS Dog Costume

Zi RGSHLb0yvlRQbah8njVn68Q0WTeC ARupD84AwiVB0fXAI7K4 fmL6UEC9kpg1 YTpTI3hbH2gKHM723cI 1q0bEl TsVWWO9PLc1ltJWzf mMGstX5

With a UPS dog costume by CC (California Costumes), your furry friend can be a friendly UPS delivery driver and bring smiles to everyone’s faces!

The shirt has sleeves for the dog’s front legs, and fastens around the neck with Velcro. It has stuffed arms on the front of the shirt, attached to the tiny box, making it look like your doggo is your personal UPS boy.

Price: $16.39 (currently on sale)

You can check it out here.

Deadly Doll Dog Costume – Chucky Dog Cosplay

The costume has a high-quality cotton material, it’s easy to put on or off and doesn’t bother your dog’s walking. And you can adjust the rope of the tie in accordance with your pup’s size.

The scary doll dog costume is a padded body with additional padding for arms and trousers sleeves. It comes with a connectable foam knife and a wig.

This dog costume should feel warm and comfortable to wear. Note that your doggo might be scary and intimidating, so don’t forget the treats!

Price: $16.49 (currently on sale)

You can check it out here.

DC Comics Pet Costume, Medium, Wonder Woman

LkFoXplli0ALnICyBuMbDqGYNOx7kgJxn6 ShtifGclaA1Jh 7ZcflC3yks jPeUlw7 aAg9dp4V qY1POmuKP7OP6UVmjZHoVIAwe5dM0eYCzO8i 0

With the right costume choice, your furry friend can become a superhero and join in the festivities with style!

This heroic costume features Wonder Woman’s symbolic headpiece, red dress with the iconic ‘’W’’ symbol, a blue skirt with a gold belt, and white stars. Although it doesn’t provide actual superpowers, unfortunately, it offers comfort and ease of wear.

Price: $20.94 (currently on sale)

You can check it out here.

Dog Bee Costume Halloween

o9Wh1ISpjxSwp8VTRjKTKcbtPt1uQPXq9G68V9mOLZgHR4yAAf n17VK3hXKzoHoaWB5 vcEct3PP o9cUnXNLwNhbQ1Uxsuh

This Halloween costume for dogs has black mesh wings and a slick-looking lace skirt with bright sequins. There are also glittering golden wings and a cute cap with bee-like antennae.

The dog bee costume is a perfect choice for small to medium-sized dogs and will make your doggo’s appearance stand out. It’s a funny and delightful outfit that can turn your dog into a ‘’buzz’’ of the party.

Price: $9.99

You can check it out here.

Spider Pup Costume

dfKVHsOUN2VAjPUxZPdD4 tEREO 4BNJz2khSg1TXIsFddAWKqDb2Vs6OteOJUYlXY0UkXA0hwaK9GatF0GlHeg1Q18jJoIsYnsY

This Halloween costume is perfect for turning your furry friend into a creepy-crawly, but still cute, arachnid.

Eight foam legs are sewn to the sides of the body and a stuffed hood with a hook and loop part, making it easier and more comfortable to dress up your doggo.

Whether you’re hitting the streets for trick-or-treating or attending a costume party, this Spider Pup Costume is an excellent choice, considering spiders are one of the most important parts of the Halloween theme.

Price: $30.73

You can check it out here.

Halloween Costumes For Large Dogs

Legendog Dog Bat Wings

K5pyHwN0CqOgClLD9JAjZsRZr0wUIY18b C6YcX3NZc2

This pet costume includes a set of bat wings that attach easily to your dog’s back, making them look like a cute and spooky bat. The wings come with a dog leash for added convenience, ensuring your pet stays safe and secure while flaunting their Halloween spirit.

To add a touch of charm, the costume also features adorable pumpkin bells that jingle as your dog moves, making it a comfortable and stylish way to include your pup in all the Halloween festivities.

Price: $9.98

You can check it out here.

NEWBEA Lion Mane for Dog Costume

qECgWW1UsU1fbsNncqZZsJvAV3 tSY fpl461q H0AcATDIg6SSiVR3txr tDL9I R80LTbAehafOyu2uf2uOtJ5yMXDchznK0she57hkKiJTpjjKqOYyQFbgrzCpGMwfLnffT BF z02x6 vyGAVJU

With Lion Mane costume for dogs, you can transform your pup into the king of the jungle. The Lion Mane is designed for easy wear, comfortably fitting over your dog’s head with adjustable elastic straps to ensure a secure fit.

It even comes with adorable ears and a tail to complete the look, making it simple but unique.

Price: $10.99 (currently on sale)

You can check it out here.

Chucky Dog Costume Halloween

Xv874Y9ylCjeCcTquQdYtF6SRQ9tKbfaWXVIO0aKJSJpXo slFUVWqCq9DafrlBueTBfvbcSKXmdSYdQELWwF etq

This deadly doll dog costume is designed to add a spooky twist to your furry friend’s Halloween look. Although it’s suitable for larger dogs, it can fit small to medium-sized dogs too, due to its adjustable design.

This spooky cosplay costume contains cotton and blue denim fabric, making it feel soft, comfortable, and breathable for dogs.

Your dog will look eerily adorable in this Halloween cosplay outfit. It’s easy to put on and take off, ensuring your pet’s comfort during their Halloween adventure.

Price: $18.99

You can check it out here.

Action Hero Pet Costume

13j6G cRdM5EejGe 6FG9KIwxHGLjhtJO7u9T18G ULIyMv9 VbhoiXfpGk2xHFcWczZFxDD3upfePIC2 a5yns3b O7OMEK 1IUvGwpzcAfgEPdWqOM3fqSdEsT Cs9vuU4XGNhZ65FpGNAtN28uSc

With Action Hero per costume, you can let your dog’s inner superhero shine as they dash around and keep the Halloween action going.

The body suit is stuffed, and there are step-in legs. The costume ties around the neck and comes with a wig with an adjustable elastic band to secure comfort and flexibility for any dog.

Whether you’re attending a Halloween party or going trick-or-treating together, this Action Hero Pet Costume will turn your dog into a hero of the night!

Price: $31.55 (currently on sale)

You can check it out here.

Pet Butterfly Costume

d57ErW1HLWuE6xIA3T SASkSmLrh Eg4rVfJCo2hAwPtgCp61Tj1Ulg2U8d q3k8h 9vvBNkLGGgo3Yy6mVOt6kMg9V ijP8rNem7ZGwQvEtVDpTKJWclAiLojwpEKifI54R0egst4OIvlt64COZwLs

With the Pet Butterfly costume, you can turn your furry friend into a beautiful fluttering creature. 

This costume includes a plush base with shoulder straps, 19-inch wings with butterfly details attached to the base, and a black headpiece with a hook and loop fastener strap around the neck.

Dressing up your pup has never been easier – this costume is a breeze to put on and take off, ensuring your pet’s comfort during all the Halloween fun.

Price: $16.99

You can check it out here.

Halloween Costumes For Extra Large Dogs

Dog Tuxedo

jKvITZrHNBblCLtMX3rZH 7KiJ6wNanOPiSaP8Txcp0mjf

This costume is perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your furry friend’s Halloween look.

Designed for large-breed dogs, this tuxedo is both charming and comfortable. It comes with a sophisticated suit, tie, and bow tie, making your dog the most dashing guest at any event.

Whether it’s a Halloween party or a doggy wedding, your pet will steal the show in this handsome ensemble. Easy to put on and take off, it ensures your dog stays happy while looking and feeling comfortable.

Price: $23.99

You can check it out here.

Casual Canine Prison Pooch Costume For Dogs

tlv1cDf6hkB1JCn0mxStl9L5sPFMpKu7wZ3qq XwKgB e sbyoIyBW1zrwTY cOnqfQNj9IngMOT4Qm2qcoT

If you want to give your four-legged friend a playful and mischievous look for Halloween night, you can’t go wrong with Casual Canine Prison Pooch Costume.

Designed for extra-large dogs, this costume is easy to put on and take off, ensuring your pet’s comfort while they run around in their new “jailbird” style. It features a classic black-and-white striped prisoner outfit with a cute prisoner hat.

Price: $15.98 (currently on sale)

You can check it out here.

DC Comics Pet Costume, X-Large, Batman

WCXb1zA2176ZURI7SOKUdnEII8FnlNwOk5EN8gof76F7ZWHZYv8DieLHxJ SBvNkP3zwA SpqyTBEVPl0 Bj2l8KGcGiqRRvNLvP3XFihNAk7jXBgoXpLr5MvT8d424TQOwrRYls elt7zem mftT1k

Transform your pet into a legendary superhero with the DC Comics Pet Costume, featuring Batman! This costume is an exciting way to let your furry friend join the world of caped crusaders.

It includes the iconic Batman logo and cape, instantly turning your doggo into Gotham’s hero, or your Halloween hero! It’s a fantastic way to showcase your dog’s heroic side and share some laughs.

Price: $24.99

You can check it out here.

Rubie’s Pet Costume, X-Large, Red Queen

012b3NzLiPwsZblrX1vwumonqr80AT3LoeGHO4E9FW8yD51pCJwBr3oJnu6vo ND0RyctyiyWf 2HZp ucMPeuIsyv6unlp1UIIwjD

You can now dress your furry royalty in the Rubie’s Pet Costume, as the Red Queen. This costume is a fantastic way to add a touch of regal charm to your dog’s Halloween.

This costume is easy to slip on and off, ensuring your pet’s comfort while they wear their queenly attire. It includes a beautifully detailed dress that will make your dog the star of any costume gathering.

Whether you’re attending a Halloween party or just looking to have fun at home, your pup will surely capture hearts and attention in this enchanting outfit.

Price: $21.15

You can check it out here.

Rubie’s Unisex Adult Where’s Waldo Pet Costume

o7WjA6g5mHRGRR7ATfETZOUeatnnvaxAUDP4 iIxLjzW65aimVnH7x3gHtv fNa9PbjsydIfzCSL2ZVuBLiHrCIsxAIHU8 9BMoD52l1yODeOKX8Ea51hwmDmWqRdCzlo D6AyEFL7NSb7mg3nDN8ck

You can turn your pup into everyone’s favorite hide-and-seek character with the Rubie’s Where’s Waldo dog costume. The costume features a distinctive red and white striped shirt, beanie hat, and glasses, instantly transforming your dog into children’s beloved character.

It’s a fantastic way to showcase your dog’s playful side and create memorable moments.

Price: $25.54

You can check it out here.

Halloween Matching Costumes

If you’re spending Halloween in a family atmosphere and want to make this year’s Halloween more engaging and fun than previous, you should consider some family-matching costumes.

Here are a few Halloween costumes that you can match with your doggo:

Baby Shark Dog and Human Costume

itYnb3bcWE1AhTgh58RB3kwbGmxMuHd 50WwMDEhntmca5c2J3RXHINH33sRNFOjhj84NsNfYF 8f0w5MOvh9SWIAfbUlcWRidBWcOvThM P kCfy3pbZr05bQCI7EGwVQ88dzppCbERFPpGnowppv4

Get ready to dive into fun with the Baby Shark Dog and Human Costume set. This matching costume combo is a fantastic way for your family to celebrate Halloween together with your furry friend.

The human costumes perfectly complement it, allowing the entire family and your dog to share the catchy Baby Shark theme together, including:

  • Dog costume – $18.02 – $28.99, depending on the size (currently on sale)
  • Mommy costume – $31.49 (currently on sale)
  • Daddy costume – $31.91 (currently on sale)
  • Baby costume – $31.49 (currently on sale)

Whether you’re going trick-or-treating or attending a Halloween party, these matching costumes will make you and your pet the life of the party.

DC Comics Superhero Character Hooded Union Suit Footless Pajamas Costumes

dxasEcJu6 G9nmCnIqsmxZAcoRCJbCsfyGeMeiMI6jLYh90ZyoBM69R8yGeo0v9zc22xC7ZG4Pr3n d6CKEsRPi8ujgnBB8LhpZ fvLPsexQPRNFEtwfYk3A1 P1EEhM7HDheW508 o mib4coTftFU

With these DC Comics Superhero Character matching costumes, you can easily unleash your inner superhero. This matching costume set is a fantastic way to team up with your furry friend for Halloween fun!

Its hooded design and footless style make it cozy and easy to wear. Your family can pair it with a complementary superhero costume for your dog, and you’ll be the dynamic team of the Halloween night.

Price: $14.95 – $24.95

You can check them out here.

Jedi Star Wars Human & Pet Matching Costumes

EPzHM4WsoLgt4qJzm6mXLWqBW8n3NTg tgFOpDFJqlLHoGUaXaj6sjfR8ZsjrSAqecPan9z y67Ag 7DlopC3jWTIB2QZ7uiIjQHcHaqcp5gO2 2LpWfCzEXNjdXFjoYG6QhgGT8iZFIieSQnZFGlUk

Embark on an intergalactic adventure with the Jedi Star Wars Human & Pet Matching Costume set. This costume combo is a stellar way to celebrate Halloween together with your faithful four-legged companion.

The matching pet costume ensures your dog becomes the ultimate Jedi sidekick. The human costume includes a tunic, pants with boot tops and a belt. As for your doggo, you’ll be able to find the following versions:

  • Jedi Robe – includes robe, shirt, and belt (Price: $23.36 – $26.47)
  • Star Wars Walking Yoda with Lightsaber – includes step-in jumpsuit, hood with fluffy hair tufts, and detachable lightsaber toy (Price: $24.40 – $27.50)
  • Walking Stormtrooper – includes the jumpsuit with attached arms & headpiece (Price: $26.47 – $29.49)

Hot Dog + Ketchup/Mustard Human & Dog Costume Combo

egIQPf5R8sPC98a0QxneQRaNnl3fcywEo4 tICfLwKPtTL8EgfD48dPqBk63f5C7SJ0vMPc 8lHWLik6vb

A lot of people like to grill some hot dogs on Halloween, and if you want to bring some laughter in a creative way, this Dog and Human Costume Combo is an excellent choice!

The costume includes:

A Hot Dog outfit for your doggo – $22.43 (currently on sale)

Mustard/Ketchup Bottle outfit for you – $28.46 (currently on sale)

It’s easy to put on and take off, the material is soft and comfortable, and you can choose different versions, depending on your preference.

Nurse and Doctor Human & Dog Matching Set

Ee 92qJCnXCsH1hngSul2AbocjFj012b KVENB1wsvFsrmfBUxjKRUfiV

This costume duo is a lighthearted way to bring some healthy laughter to this year’s Halloween.

The human costume features a classic nurse’s uniform, complete with a nurse’s hat. The matching pet costume turns your dog into an adorable doctor with a mini lab coat and stethoscope.

The human costume costs $25.99 and the dog’s ranges from $19.71 to $22.56, depending on the size.