7 Best Cat Christmas Collars for A Whisker Wonderland

Christmas is approaching, and finding the right collar that’s cute and comfortable for your cat may not be an easy task. But don’t worry.

I’ve listed some of the best cat Christmas collars to help you add some holiday spirit to your kitty’s look, turning them into the main attraction during this holiday season.

Cat Christmas Collars are:

  • One of the cutest and most unique accessories for pets
  • Perfect for photoshoots
  • Matching perfectly with cat Christmas hats
  • A perfect Christmas gift for your cat

So, let’s find the best one for your kitty.

Best Cat Christmas Collars

CollarsPriceSee the collar
LLHK 4-Pack Christmas Cat Collars$9.99 (currently on sale)See the collar
Joytale Christmas Breakaway Cat Collar$5.99See the collar
Coolrunner 2-Pack Cat Collar Breakaway$6.99See the collar
Lamphyface 2-Pack/Set Christmas Cat Collar$6.99See the collar
AZUZA Christmas Cat Collar$14.99See the collar
ADOGGYGO Christmas Cat Collars$9.99See the collar
Xuniea 6 Pcs Christmas Cat Collars$13.99See the collar

LLHK 4-Pack Christmas Cat Collars – Best Overall

LLHK 4-Pack Christmas Cat Collars

LLHK Christmas collars come in a pack of four. 

Here’s why my cats and I loved the LLHK Cat Christmas Collars:

Extra Comfy:

These are 100% cotton collars, small in size, and lightweight. They’re soft, and the decorations are just the right size, so there’s no need to worry about unpleasant scratching.

Adjustable Size Range:

The adjustable size range ensures that these collars fit cats of all sizes, from kittens to full-grown adults. The size can go from seven to 12 inches in diameter (17.8 cm to 30.5 cm) and 0.4 inches in width, fitting most cat sizes.

Seamless and Practical Breakaway Buckle:

The breakaway buckle is made of soft plastic, and it makes loosening or tightening the collar quite simple since you can quickly re-adjust if it gets loose after an extended play.

Safety Bell:

All of the collars come with a safety bell, which is a big plus if your cat is adventurous and wants to know where and when they wander around.

Christmas-Themed Charms:

What makes the LLHK cat Christmas collars unique are slick-looking little charms that come along with the safety bells. They come in the shape of a stocking, Christmas tree, mitten, and Santa Claus.

If you want to add that extra festive touch to your kitty’s look and make them feel special, this is a must-have cat Christmas collar.

Did I also mention they look amazing in family photos? We created a festive look by including collars and cat Christmas hats.

Price: $9.99 (currently on sale)

Check this collar here.

Joytale Christmas Breakaway Cat Collar

Joytale Christmas Breakaway Cat Collar

The Joytale Christmas Breakaway cat collar comes in two Christmas-themed versions: one primarily in green color and one in red. But I love all their designs.

Here’s why you should consider Joytale cat Christmas collars as a gift for your feline friend this year:

Extra comfort: This collar is lightweight and contains 100% cotton fabric, making it soft and comfortable for nearly any cat.

Easy to put on/take off: Although the breakaway buckle has generally become a standard, some collars have a plain buckle design and are pretty big.

The buckle on these collars is small and cat-shaped compared to others – a nice touch to the overall design.

Extra Adjustable: Another good feature of this collar is that you can easily adjust its grip, setting it up from seven to eleven inches in diameter (17.8 cm to 28 cm) and three to eight inches in width (7.6 cm to 20.3 cm).

A cute bow tie: The Joytale Christmas cat collar also comes with a cute bow tie in the center, adding that extra touch to its design. It’s also attached to the collar with an elastic loop, so you can easily remove or replace it.

Safety bell: This collar also comes with a safety bell on the side, making it much easier to keep track of your kitty’s whereabouts, especially when it’s crowded and loud during the holiday.

The bell has a two-piece chain that firmly connects it to the collar, so there’s no need to worry about losing it.

Extra designs: Although there are only two Christmas-themed versions, this collar also comes in ten different ones, so there’s always something to pick from, even if you’re not going for the traditional green, red, and white décor.

Price: $5.99

Check this collar here.

Coolrunner 2-Pack Cat Collar Breakaway

Coolrunner 2-Pack Cat Collar Breakaway

The Coolrunner collar pack comes with two collars. Unlike most other collars, these come in patterns, double bells, and additional decoration.

Here’s why you should consider the Coolrunner cat Christmas collar pack for your cat:

Design and Style:

When it comes to the design, the Coolrunner cat collars have a unique triangle pattern. Besides the typical green and red combo, yellow and blue colors make them much more colorful.

Double Safety Bells:

While most collars come with a single bell, Coolrunner collars come with a pair of two bells with a classic hat-like design. The bells are just the right size and make enough jingling sound when your cat moves around – these provide extra safety and bring a more joyous melody.

Christmas-Themed Decorations:

Their special Christmas-themed ornaments make these collars stand out from the crowd. These ornaments include a small pair of shiny marbles in red and yellow color and three cute leaf-shaped ornaments in green and yellow color.

Functionality and Safety:

The adjustable breakaway buckle can go from 7.8 to 11 inches (20 to 28 cm) in diameter and 0.4 inches (1 cm) in width, making it convenient for most cats. Plus, it helps attach the collar quickly without any hassle.


Made of high-quality cotton fabric, these collars are a durable and reliable accessory that can withstand your cat’s daily adventures.

Price: $6.99

Check this collar here.

Lamphyface 2-Pack/Set Christmas Cat Collar

Lamphyface 2-Pack/Set Christmas Cat Collar

Lamphyface’s pack includes two collars, one in red and black colors, and one in green and black. They come in a plaid Christmas design and in a colorful, traditional design with more details.

These are some of the reasons you should check Lamphyface Collars for Cats this Christmas:

Compact Breakaway Buckle:

It has a small breakaway buckle for easier access and wearing, making it another excellent example of an adjustable collar that provides a comfortable fit. Also, the buckle is shaped like a cat’s face, which is a cute detail.

Removable Bow Tie:

The collar also has a cute bow tie that you can take off if it’s too big for your cat or if your cat doesn’t like extra decorations on their collar.

Removable Safety Bell:

For extra safety, there’s a safety bell that helps you keep track of your kitty. 

Softer Fabric for More Comfort:

The collar and bow tie fabric is 100% cotton, so it’s soft and lightweight, making it quite comfortable for most cats.

However, you should be aware that there may be other options with more designs, colors, or decorations for this (or even lover) price.

Price: $6.99

Check this collar here.

AZUZA Christmas Cat Collar

AZUZA Christmas Cat Collar

If you’re a fan of red Christmas ornaments, you should check out Christmas collars for cats by AZUZA. It’s a standard pack of two collars, primarily in red color, with the same design but different patterns.

Here are a few features you can expect from these bright red Christmas cat collars:

Traditional, Yet Unique Style:

These collars are primarily red and simplistic – a classic collar with a bow tie. But they come with multiple tiny Christmas Trees and Santa Claus patterns, making them festive and perfect for the holiday season without being overwhelming.

Customizable Width:

Unlike most collars, AZUZA cat Christmas collars are re-sizable in width (three to eight inches/7.6 to 20.3 cm), providing an excellent fit for cats in nearly any size.


These collars and bow ties are made of strong polyester, making them much more durable than most other collars.

Price: $14.99

Check this collar here.

ADOGGYGO Christmas Cat Collars

ADOGGYGO Christmas Cat Collars

If you’re looking for a classic festive look for your cat, ADOGGYGO Christmas Collars for cats can be an excellent choice. The pack has two collars, one with colorful patterns, primarily red color, and one in green.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider ADOGGYGO Cat Christmas Collars:

Soft but Durable:

These collars are made from high-quality cotton fabric, making them soft on the touch but still durable enough to withstand your furry friend’s Christmas adventures.

Cute Charms:

The DOGGYGO Cat Christmas Collars also come with cute, unique charms, adding an extra touch to your furry friend’s look. The red collar comes with a charm in the shape of Santa Claus, and the green one has one in the shape of a Christmas tree.

Good Stability:

Due to the adjustable breakaway buckle, you can easily change the length of the collar from 7.8 inches/19.8 cm to 10.5 inches/26.7 cm – helping the collar to stay stable and providing your kitty with a comfortable fit.

Just note that the bow tie has quite long tails that dangle around, so don’t be surprised if your cat accidentally dips it into their food (though you can always take the bow tie off since it’s removable)

Price: $9.99

Check this collar here.

Xuniea 6 Pcs Christmas Cat Collars

Xuniea 6 Pcs Christmas Cat Collars

Xuniea Christmas collars for cats come in a pack of six different collars with lovely and bright colored patterns, allowing you to have more pet accessories to groom and dress your little feline friends.

Here are some reasons you should pick Xuniea Cat Christmas Collars for this Christmas:

Unique Design, Colors, and Patterns:

The design of these collars is absolutely charming! Each collar features a unique holiday pattern, including Santa Claus, reindeer, snowman, Christmas tree, stockings, and snowflakes.

Compared to other collars, these can bring more variety and vibrance to your Christmas décor.


These collars are designed practically, letting you set the approximate length of the collar to 7.8 inches /19.8 cm and width to 10.2 inches/25.9 cm. This will help you put it on or take it off easily and ensure your cat’s comfort.

Removable Bow Ties:

Some cats don’t enjoy the extra ornaments on their collars, especially when they’re playing around – though there’s also a chance of losing it if your cat often goes outside.

A big plus is that these collars come with removable bow ties, saving you the trouble of looking for them if they disappear during your feline friend’s adventures.

The bow ties also look unique in comparison with other collars since they share they don’t have the typical green and red patterns – instead, they share the same, unique pattern from their collars.

Note that these collars may not be as durable as some other collars on the list since they contain nylon material. So, if you’re looking for a reusable, long-term collar, you should check some other options instead. 

Price: $13.99

Check this collar here.

Which Cat Christmas Collar Is the Best?

CollarsComfortStabilityDurabilityDesignOverall score
LLHK 4-Pack Christmas Cat Collars4.
Joytale Christmas Breakaway Cat Collar4.
Coolrunner 2-Pack Cat Collar Breakaway4.
Lamphyface 2-Pack/Set Christmas Cat Collar4.
AZUZA Christmas Cat Collar4.
ADOGGYGO Christmas Cat Collars4.
Xuniea 6 Pcs Christmas Cat Collar4.

How to Choose the Best Collar for Your Cat?

Before you make a purchase, consider these important steps to make sure you’re getting a collar that’s comfortable for your furry friend:

Check for Adjustable Sizing

Look for collars with adjustable sizing options. Just like us, every cat is different and has a different body shape and size. 

Since cats run and jump around a lot, it wouldn’t be surprising to lose their accessories while they’re playing. However, using an adjustable collar provides a snug yet comfortable fit for your furry friend.

Pro tip: Measure your cat’s neck and choose a collar with a size range that accommodates their measurements. Leave a bit of space, let’s say enough to fit one finger between your cat’s neck and the collar to ensure it’s not too tight.

Consider the Material

When picking a Christmas collar, pay attention to its material. Opt for soft and lightweight materials such as cotton. Materials like cotton are gentle on your cat’s skin and won’t cause irritation.

Collar’s Weight and Accessories

Consider the collar’s weight and any attached accessories, such as bells, bow ties, or charms. A lightweight collar with small, non-bulky accessories is more comfortable for your cat.

Heavy or bulky collars can be bothersome and may lead to your cat trying to remove the collar. Some cats often try to rip the bow ties and similar parts with their claws or mouths, leading to damage to the collar and potential injuries.

Prioritize Safety Features

Safety is important, especially during the holiday season when we often lose track of our furry friends. Opt for collars with breakaway (quick-release) buckles and safety bells.

Breakaway Buckles – these parts allow the collar to easily open if your cat gets caught on something, preventing potential injuries.

Safety Bells – a safety bell is a feature that will notify you with a cute jingling sound about your cat’s location every time they’re running or playing around.