Do Guinea Pigs Blink

Do Guinea Pigs Blink: Guide and Vet Q&A

If you’re a new guinea pig parent, it’s normal to feel concerned about not noticing your piggy’s blinks. But is that a normal behavior for a guinea pig? Do guinea pigs blink at all? In this piece, I’ll answer this important question, explain everything you should know about your guinea …

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Do Guinea Pigs Smell

Do Guinea Pigs Smell: Complete Guide + Vet Q&A

Guinea pigs are immaculate groomers. Their natural body scent is not intense and doesn’t emit a bad odor.  But a bad smell from your guinea pig can indicate health, diet-related, and environmental issues.  Let’s talk about causes and solutions to guinea pig smell.  Reasons Why Guinea Pigs May Emit Odors …

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guinea pig facts

30 Fascinating Guinea Pig Facts You Should Know

Guinea pigs are one of the friendliest and most gentle animals to keep for pets. But they’re not only cute rodents we like to snuggle with. They’re fascinating animals domesticated for over 5,000 years, giving us enough time to learn the most incredible guinea pig facts. Let’s dive into more …

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