Gravel for Turtle Tank

6 Best Gravel for Turtle Tank: Safe Options and Tips

We often get inquiries about gravel for turtle tanks, but we learned that turtle owners actually refer to rocks. Gravel VS. Rocks Gravel and rocks are not exactly the same, though they are closely related. Here’s a breakdown of their key differences: Gravel: Gravel refers to loose, small- to medium-sized …

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Snails for Turtle Tank

7 Best Snails for Turtle Tank + Vet Q&A

Snails can make a great addition to the living environment for a turtle tank.  They: I’ve listed the seven best snails for turtle tank to help you find the right type for your turtle(s). Let’s check them out. Best Snails for Turtle Tank Snails Mystery Snail Common Pond Snail Black …

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Best Plants for Turtle Tank

11 Best Plants for Turtle Tank: Underwater and Floating

Although they’re not necessary, aquatic plants can greatly impact your turtle’s well-being.  Plants for turtle tank: I’ve listed some of the best underwater and floating plants you should consider for your turtle tank. Let’s check them out. Best Plants for Turtle Tank Underwater Plants Anubias Barteri Java Fern Java Moss …

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Temperature for Turtle Tank

Temperature for Turtle Tank: The Complete Guide

Temperature plays one of the most vital roles when it comes to the well-being of your turtle. If you have an aquatic turtle or any other turtle that lives in a water tank, it’s important to consider both water temperature and basking area temperature. In this article, I’ll explain: Reaching …

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How Long Do Pet Turtles Live

How Long Do Pet Turtles Live: Complete Guide

Turtles are an excellent choice for a long-living pet – they’re well-known for their longevity, often living for decades! Although the type of species and their genetics mostly determine how long they can live as well as: But what’s their average lifespan? How long do pet turtles live? In this …

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turtle names

100 + Turtle Names to Get Inspired

Whether you’ve recently adopted a pet turtle or have been a longtime turtle enthusiast, one of the first delightful tasks that comes your way is choosing the ideal name for your shelled companion. Turtle names are not just about selecting a word; it’s an opportunity to infuse character, meaning, and …

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