vet is holding a hamster with wet tail

Wet Tail Disease in Hamsters + Vet Q&A

Wet tail is a serious disease in hamsters, especially young ones.  Hamsters purchased from breeders and pet stores can be more susceptible to wet tail due to stress, poor hygiene, overcrowded living conditions, transportation, handling, and changes in the environment.  While it is rare for hamsters who live in safe …

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vet is holding a hamster. Hamster dying process guidance

Hamster Dying Process Guide + Vet Q&A

Hamsters bring joy and companionship to our lives as members of our families.  Sadly, as much as we love them, we must also be prepared to face the difficult reality of a hamster’s declining health issues and eventual passing.  Hamster dying process is a complex and often gradual process that …

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senior hamster in a cup

Senior Hamster: Best Care Guide in 2023

As a senior hamster parent, you know that furry babies require extra care and attention as they age. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about senior hamster care, including common health problems, dietary needs, and creating a safe environment for your furry friend.  With the …

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