6 Best Cat Christmas Stockings: Santa Paws is Coming to Town

If you’ve ever caught your kitty giving you that “I deserve more than just catnip this Christmas” look, then the Cat Christmas Stockings are here to save the day – and the tree ornaments! 🎁🐾

Stockings aren’t your ordinary, run-of-the-mill holiday hosiery; they’re more like a VIP lounge for your whiskered companions, complete with all the feline-friendly festive flair they could dream of. We’ve listed stockings so charming that even Santa Paws might consider trading his boots for them. 😺🎉

These six \ Cat Christmas Stockings are cute and festive and provide enough space for all the Cat Christmas gifts you’ve prepared for your kitty.

So, let’s check them out and find the best one for your cat.

Best Cat Christmas Stocking

StockingsPriceCheck the stocking
WEWILL Cat Felt Christmas Stockings$13.99 (currently on sale)Check the stocking
Glitzhome Cat Christmas Stocking $22.99Check the stocking
Let’s Make Memories Personalized Cat Christmas Stocking$29.99Check the stocking
Syhood Christmas Plaid Stockings$18.99 (currently on sale)Check the stocking
New Traditions Cat Christmas Stockings$24.99Check the stocking
BambooMN Cat Christmas Stocking$13.75Check the stocking

WEWILL 18’’ Cat Felt Christmas Stockings – Best Overall

WEWILL 18’’ Cat Felt Christmas Stockings

The Felt Christmas Stocking by WE WILL is my favorite one. This stocking is not only cute but quite spacious. It’s embroidered with paw prints to add a playful touch to holiday decorations.

Has a Lot of Space:

The size and capacity are important for any stocking, and this one is quite large and spacious. This stocking is a generous 18 inches/45.7 cm in size, making it big enough to hold a lot of different cat treats and toys.


The quality of the felt material is impressive; it’s durable and can withstand a cat’s curious claws and teeth without showing signs of wear and tear. My cat and I look forward to many more Christmas seasons!

Easy to Hang:

WE WILL Cat Felt Christmas Stocking is also practical. The loop at the top makes it easy to hang on the mantel or wherever I prefer, and the wide opening ensures easy access for a cat to dig into her Christmas goodies.

Cute Design:

The design may not be unique, but it makes the stocking one of the cutest. It comes in a red and white color, a classic Christmas style, so it blends perfectly with most of our ornaments around the house.

It also has a cute little cuff at the top of the stocking – a nice festive touch. It genuinely intrigued my cat, and she couldn’t resist batting at the dangling cuff – it’s like a built-in cat toy!

Price: $13.99 (currently on sale)

Check this stocking here.

Glitzhome Cat Christmas Stocking

Glitzhome Cat Christmas Stocking

If you’re a fan of knitting and have knitted Christmas ornaments this season, the Cat Christmas stocking by Glitzhome can be an excellent choice!

Here are a few reasons to consider this stocking:

Outstanding Design:

This stocking is handmade and features the charming design of a cat in a snowy field, giving off that calming feeling throughout the holiday.

The attention to detail on this stocking is impressive, and it’s sure to add a touch of feline-inspired magic to your holiday decor.


At 19 inches/48.3 cm in length, this stocking is larger than most, which is fantastic because it means you can have plenty of room for Christmas gifts for your cat.

It’s also a practical choice because it’s roomy enough for your cat to dive in and grab their holiday treasures easily.

While great for holding plenty of goodies, hanging can be challenging if you have a smaller mantel or limited space. So, if you’re tight on space, this stocking might seem oversized.

Skin Friendly and Durable:

This Cat Christmas stocking is made of high-quality, non-woven fabric and flannel, which is more textured than most Christmas stockings, making it skin-friendly so you won’t have to worry about your kitty’s irritation.

Since the material is high-quality, you’ll be surprised by this stocking’s durability, and you won’t have to worry about the weight of all the gifts you’ve prepared for your feline friend.

Price: $18.99 (currently on sale)

Check this stocking here.

Let’s Make Memories Personalized Cat Christmas Stocking

Let's Make Memories Personalized Cat Christmas Stocking

Cat Christmas Stocking by LMM (Let’s Make Memories) is an excellent choice if you want to make this Christmas a bit more special for your kitty – it’s one of the stockings with personalized decorations.

Here are the reasons I love LMM’s Cat Christmas Stocking:

Personalized and Stylish Design:

This is a 3D plush stocking and features a big, cuddly cat, wearing a hat with a charming jingle bell. The attention to detail is top-notch, and the plush texture adds a cozy touch to your Christmas decor.

But the reason I love this cat Christmas Stocking is the personalization option. You can have your cat’s name embroidered on the front side. It’s an excellent way to make your furry friend feel special and create memorable Christmas photos!

High Capacity:

The size is approximately 20 inches/50.8 cm, making it one of the stockings with the most capacity for your kitty’s favorite Christmas goodies – plenty of room for any treats, toys, and other cat Christmas gifts.

Extra Sturdy:

Another good reason to consider Cat Christmas Stocking by LMM is its sturdiness. This stocking is made of a quality, durable polyester. 

Price: $29.99

Check this stocking here.

Syhood Christmas Plaid Stockings

Syhood Christmas Plaid Stockings

The Cat Christmas Stocking by Syhood is a great example of a simple, yet unique design – it’s a pet stocking in the shape of a paw. 🐾

It comes in three different styles, featuring classic, plaid Christmas patterns. Here are features you may expect from this cat Christmas stocking:

Unique Style:

It’s charming and timeless design adds a touch of holiday spirit to your home. All three styles come with a paw print at the front, featuring different colors such as red, black, and white.

It also has a tiny bow tie on the front side, holding a pair of ornaments in the shape of pet treats.

With a unique shape and style, Syhood Cat Christmas Stocking is one of the stockings that will bring more creativity to your Christmas décor.

Plenty of Space:

At 18 inches in length, the Syhood Cat Christmas stocking provides ample space for stuffing in your cat’s favorite treats and toys.

Durable and Wear Resistant:

These stockings are made of plush, polyester, and cotton. So they’re smooth to the touch and comfortable for most cats. Due to the quality and versatility of materials, these stockings are long-lasting.

Price: $13.75

Check this stocking here.

New Traditions Cat Christmas Stockings

New Traditions Cat Christmas Stockings

New Traditions Christmas Stockings for cats come in a pack of two – a cute pair of stockings for a cute pair of kitties.

Here are a few reasons you should check Cat Christmas Stockings by New Traditions:

Cute Personalized Style:

The design is charming and straightforward, with a cute paw print to add that extra cat-oriented touch to your Christmas decorations.

Each Christmas stocking has a frame that can hold a photo up to 4×5 inches/10.2×12.7 cm, and there’s a white stitching pattern and a cute little fish ornament on it – a purr-fect gift and a memorable Christmas ornament to keep!

Decent Size/Capacity:

These stockings are just the right size at 18 inches/45.7 cm in length and the bottom has quite some depth, providing ample space to stuff them with your cat’s favorite presents.

Strong Loop for Hanging:

While hanging loops are standard for most well-made stockings, not all can withstand the weight of the stocking – especially if you’re not going easy on those goodies for your feline friend.

However, this one has a durable and quite stretchy loop, so you won’t have to worry about how much you can stock it.

But note that the photo frame is not as durable as the rest of the stocking, so be careful when using it or giving it to your furry friend.

Price: $29.99

Check this stocking here.

BambooMN Cat Christmas Stocking

BambooMN Cat Christmas Stocking

Here’s why I think you should give it a try: 

High-Quality Design:

This is one of the stockings with high-quality, handmade designs. More precisely, It’s a classic hand-embroidered Christmas stocking for cats. The level of detail is impressive and can add a delightful touch to your holiday decorations.

It features a cute cat wearing a cat Christmas hat and holding a candy cane – a great choice if you’re using some cartoonish, 2D Christmas ornaments this season.

Strong and Durable:

Having a Christmas stocking that can endure our feline friends’ claws is equally important as having that cute and festive design. BambooMN Cat Christmas Stocking is made of strong and well-made material, so it can handle those curious claws without getting all worn out.

However, I do have to mention one small drawback. This stocking’s decorations also include sequins at the front side. While beautiful, these can be too enticing for your cat, especially since they’re quite shiny under light.

If your cat is prone to playing with shiny objects, they might try to nibble on these parts.

Price: $24.99

Check this stocking here.

Which Cat Christmas Stocking Is the Best?

StockingsCapacityEase of UseDurabilityDesignOverall score
WE WILL Cat Felt Christmas Stockings4.
Glitzhome Cat Christmas Stocking
Let’s Make Memories Personalized Cat Christmas Stocking5.
Syhood Christmas Plaid Stockings4.
New Traditions Cat Christmas Stockings4.
BambooMN Cat Christmas Stocking4.

How to Choose the Best Christmas Stocking for Your Kitty?

Here are some of the most important features you should consider when trying to find the best Cat Christmas Stocking for your kitty:

Good Capacity

Ensure the stocking is the right size for your cat. You’ll want one that’s roomy enough to hold your cat’s favorite treats, toys, and other gifts.

Pro tip: Look for dimensions that allow easy stuffing without making it too challenging for your kitty to retrieve their goodies.

Design and Personalization

Choose a stocking that reflects your cat’s personality or your holiday décor. You can find stockings with adorable cat-themed designs, cute paw prints, or even the option for personalization with your cat’s name or image.

Pro tip: Try to find a design, or style that blends in with the rest of your Christmas ornaments but is also a special gift for your cat is the best choice.


Some stockings are made of materials that your cat may find attractive to play with, and you don’t want them to destroy them.

That’s why you should opt for stockings made from sturdy, cat-friendly materials that can withstand a bit of play without tearing – you want your stocking to last through many holidays.