Guinea Pig Breeds

20 Guinea Pig Breeds You Can Keep As a Pet

Guinea pigs are adorable and charming rodents. Their endearing personalities and cuddly appearance make them irresistible additions to any family.  However, the world of guinea pig ownership is not a one-size-fits-all experience. Each guinea pig breed comes with its unique set of pros and cons. If you’re considering adding a …

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Guinea Pig Names

Guinea Pig Names: Guide and IdeasĀ 

When it comes to naming your guinea pig, it’s not just a random choice. The right name can help you establish a deep bond and create a sense of familiarity.  Furthermore, using their name consistently in daily interactions can help them become accustomed to verbal cues and commands.  Here are …

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vet is holding a hamster with wet tail

Wet Tail Disease in Hamsters + Vet Q&A

Wet tail is a serious disease in hamsters, especially young ones.  Hamsters purchased from breeders and pet stores can be more susceptible to wet tail due to stress, poor hygiene, overcrowded living conditions, transportation, handling, and changes in the environment.  While it is rare for hamsters who live in safe …

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