6 Best African Gray Parrot Cage: Novice to Expert

Choosing the right African Grey parrot cage can be daunting, given the overwhelming array of options available and the diverse needs of these intelligent birds. 

Their home/cage should be the right:

  • Size: African Greys are large and active birds, requiring ample space to move around, stretch their wings, and engage in natural behaviors. Selecting a cage that is too small can lead to boredom, stress, and behavioral problems such as feather plucking.
  • Design: Beyond size, cage design plays a critical role in a parrot’s well-being. Proper bar spacing, secure doors and latches, and adequate ventilation are essential for safety and comfort. Additionally, providing a variety of perches, toys, and food dishes helps prevent boredom and promote healthy habits.
  • Price and Quality: African Grey parrot cages vary significantly in price, ranging from inexpensive options to premium models with advanced features. Understanding the relationship between price and quality is crucial for making an informed decision that balances affordability with the bird’s needs.

To help you find the best African Gray parrot cage, we will compare and list our top pics.

Let’s fly.

CagePriceSee the cage
Prevue Pet Products Large Stainless Steel Play Top Bird Cage$713.30 (currently on sale)See the cage
Prevue Hendryx F050 Bird Cage$168.15 (currently on sale)See the cage
Yaheetech 60.5inch Extra Large Bird Cage$169.99See the cage
Large Bird Cage By Super Deal Store$94.49See the cage
Yaheetech Extra Large Bird Cage$149.88See the cage
Nova Microdermabrasion 68-Inch Large Play-Top Bird Cage$102.58See the cage

Prevue Pet Products Large Stainless Steel Play Top Bird Cage – Best Overall

Prevue Pet Products Large Stainless Steel Play Top Bird Cage

One of my favorites and the best choice overall is the Large Stainless Steel Cage by Prevue Pet Products. I recently purchased the Stainless Steel Birdcage by Prevue Pet Products for my African Gray, and it’s a perfectly well-rounded cage that stands out from others.

Length31.5 inches/80 cm
Height61.3 inches/155.7
Width23.6 inches/60
Bar spacingRoughly 0.9 inches/2.23 cm

Extra sturdy and durable: Let’s start with the material – this cage is built like a fortress with high-quality stainless steel. While most parrot cages have a corrosion-free material like wrought metal, they can still start rusting over time.

However, with Prevue Pet Products Steel Cage, you don’t have to worry about that. The entire cage is made of high-quality steel, making it much sturdier than competitors and more durable for those strong beaks.

Extra spacious: This parrot cage is noticeably spacious. Due to generous dimensions, it provides my African GRAY with room to exercise by climbing and hopping in nearly all areas.

On the other hand, it doesn’t have too much open space, to the point where my birdie can try to fly inside and hurt its wings.

For an active and intelligent bird like an African GRAY, space is non-negotiable, and this one has just about right.

Bird-proof locks: Security is mandatory, especially for our mischievous birdies. Crafted with precision, the locks on this cage are strong and secure – the peace of mind that comes with knowing my parrot is safe and sound is priceless.

Lock-in-place stainless steel cups: These food and water cups are designed to stay put, preventing any accidental spills or flips by my curious Gray – the lock-in-place feature means no more messes to clean up. The stainless steel material offers both durability and hygiene. 

Play-top area: The playtop isn’t just for the aesthetics – it’s a functional space for interaction, playtime, and exercise. 

The playtop is a favorite hangout spot for my parrot, providing an extra space to perch, play, and enjoy a more free area. This part is also made of stainless steel and is extra stable, making it a great place for exercise.

There’s an extra pair of bowls/cups, a bit smaller than the ones from the inside. These make excellent places to store treats and encourage exercise and tricks. But I often use one to keep a small toy or two – a convenient detail I appreciate.

Also, a small ladder helps with climbing, especially for baby parrots.

Easy to clean: The removable grille and trays slide out effortlessly, and a quick wipe-down keeps the place sanitary – a clean cage means a happy and healthy bird, and this one makes maintenance a breeze.

Extra stability: Considering that Prevue Pet Products Steel Cage comes with lockable transportation wheels, this adds more stability to the cage, making it a much safer choice.

Price: $713.30 (currently on sale)

You can check out this cage here.

Prevue Hendryx F050 Bird Cage

Prevue Hendryx F050 Bird Cage

This is another excellent example of a quality bird cage from the Prevue Pet Products store – it comes with fewer features. Still, it’s significantly cheaper than the previous one.

Length37 inches/155 cm
Height24 inches/60.1
Width23 inches/81.3
Bar spacing¾ of an inch/1.9 cm

Extra spacious: This cage has a simplistic design, and the inner space isn’t crowded. The pre-included feeders are relatively small and attached on the sides of the cage, on two different levels (heights).

Even though there are three wooden perches, they’re evenly positioned on different highs, so they don’t take up much space.

So, there’s plenty of room inside for your African Gray(s).

Extra tray for items: One feature that separates this cage from others is the additional metal tray. This place can be a dedicated shelf to keep bags of food, snacks, supplements, and other important stuff for your birdies.

However, this one doesn’t offer as many features compared to the previous option. But it’s still one of the high-quality ones.

Extra large doors: Large doors promote convenience and smooth interactions, enhancing the overall experience of caring for and bonding with your intelligent African Gray. The extra large doors make daily interactions and maintenance effortless.

For example, with a large door, it’s easy to access the cage’s interior, allowing you to clean, refill food and water bowls, and rearrange perches without a struggle. For your parrot, this means less stress during these routine tasks.

Price: $168.15 (currently on sale)

You can check out this cage here.

Yaheetech 60.5inch Extra Large Bird Cage

Yaheetech 60.5inch Extra Large Bird Cage

Yaheetech Extra Large Cage is one of the best choices for beginners, as it provides plenty of space and includes valuable add-ons, so you don’t have to worry too much about additions needed for the cage.

Length37 inches/94 cm
Height60.5 inches/154 cm
Width22.5 inches/57.2 cm
Bar spacing0.6 inches/1.5 cm

A roomy cage: This cage offers plenty of room, providing ample space for your African Gray to stretch his wings and move around comfortably – though there may not be a lot of room for flying inside.

The dimensions are decent, providing enough perching spots and play areas. 

Pre-included goodies: The inclusion of dowel perches and feeding bowls is a thoughtful touch. While most other cages come with a pair of feeders and perches, this one beats most of the competition with four perches and four bowls!

Not only you don’t have to spend much time and go through a hassle to find multiple spots for comfy areas, but you get plenty of them already set up. The feeders included are sturdy and well-placed too, so there’s no need to spend extra money on those.

Practical doors: Large front doors are one of the standout features of this cage. Easy access is critical for cleaning, feeding, and interacting with your parrots – and Yaheetech knows that.

The large and easy-to-use doors make it simple to reach all areas of the cage and take care of your birdies without trouble.

Price: $169.99

You can check out this cage here.

Large Bird Cage By Super Deal Store

Large Bird Cage By Super Deal Store

This is one of the easiest cages to assemble, use, and maintain. Here are some of the reasons why I like it:

Length32 inches/81.3 cm
Height68~69.2 inches/172.7~175.8 cm
Width30.5 inches/77.5 cm
Bar spacing0.6 inches/1.5 cm

Easy to maintain: First and foremost, the bottom removable sand tray is a game-changer. Cleaning up after our parrots is a daily task, and the removable tray makes it a breeze. It slides out effortlessly, allowing for quick and efficient cleaning without disturbing my parrot’s space. The convenience of this feature cannot be overstated – it’s a real-time-saver in the busy life of a parrot owner.

High-quality perches: The included pair of perches are of decent quality and serve their purpose well. African Grays, with their intelligent and playful nature, need variety in their environment.

These long-lasting perches provide different exercising and resting spots – a thoughtful addition to the cage.

Quick assembly: Many users had a more than positive experience with the assembly process when it came to Super Deal Store’s Large Bird Cage. Nearly everything is already pre-assembled, and the instructions for finishing the process are straight to the point and well-explained – making the setup hassle-free.

One noticeable drawback you need to know about is that the casters (transportation wheels) are not as durable as other birdcages on this list. For instance, some users have mentioned that the pieces of plastic covers around them got easily damaged.

So, be extra careful and take it easy when moving this cage around.

Price: $94.49

You can check out this cage here.

Yaheetech Extra Large Bird Cage

Yaheetech Extra Large Bird Cage

Here are some of the features that can make Yaheetech Extra Large Bird Cage a good choice for your African GRAY(s):

Length32 inches/81.3 cm
Height69 inches/175.3 cm
Width30.5 inches/77.8 cm
Bar spacing1 inch/2.5

Built to last: Firstly, the ultrastrong construction of this cage is a game-changer. African Grays are known for their strong beaks and clever minds; this cage stands up to the challenge. 

The sturdy bars ensure durability and security more than most other birdcages, giving that peace of mind that your parrot is safe and sound.

Easy to transport: Maneuverability is another good feature of this birdcage. The rolling casters make transportation quick. Whether you need to clean the area around the cage or change the view for your African Gray, the smooth-rolling casters make it easy.

Secured feeders: One particularly clever design element is the protection bars above the pre-installed feeders. 

These bars are extra helpful – they can easily prevent your parrot from knocking the feeders down. It’s a simple yet effective solution that minimizes mess and ensures the birdies have constant access to food without the risk of spillage.

Although the cage itself doesn’t have any major drawbacks to be aware of, some users have mentioned the poor packaging from the manufacturer caused slight bends on the seed guard – which is one of the most important features of every cage.

So, be aware and check for signs of damage before trying to assemble the birdcage.

Price: $149.88

You can check out this cage here.

Nova Microdermabrasion 68-inch Large Play-Top Bird Cage

Nova Microdermabrasion 68-inch Large Play-Top Bird Cage
Length25.6 inches/65 cm
Height68 inches/160
Width25.6inches/65 cm
Bar spacing1 inch/2.5

Lockable door-feeders: Thanks to the lockable feeder doors, feeders are accessible without opening the main door so that you can remove the feeders and replenish the feed from the outside and don’t need to risk your bird escaping.

The feeders are stainless steel, making them easy to clean and less likely to gather bacteria over time.

Transportation wheels: 360° rotating wheels allow you to move the cage effortlessly. On top of that, they’re quite smooth, so they don’t make much noise when moving around.

It’s also a great way to move the entire cage in just a few seconds when it’s time to clean or vacuum around it.

Extra sturdy: This cage is extra sturdy due to the premium metal and stainless steel combination. The entire frame is water and corrosion-free, making the cage a long-lasting choice.

This one also has the steel-based security bolt on several spots, making it even more sturdier and durable. This adds extra safety, especially when moving the cage around.

However, I’ve noticed that some users complained about the assembly instructions – some steps are not as clear as they could be, and some images may be misplaced.

If you’re not a ‘’handy’’ person, assembling the cage may take some time and extra patience.

Price: $102.58

You can check out this cage here.

What Is the Best Cage for an African Gray Parrot?

SpaceDurabilitySafetyMaintenanceDesignOverall score
Prevue Pet Products Large Stainless Steel Play Top Bird Cage5.
Prevue Hendryx F050 Bird Cage4.
Yaheetech 60.5inch Extra Large Bird Cage4.
Large Bird Cage By Super Deal Store4.
Yaheetech Extra Large Bird Cage4.
Nova Microdermabrasion 68-Inch Large Play-Top Bird Cage4.

How to Choose the Right Cage for Your African GRAY Parrot?

Choosing the right parrot cage can significantly improve the life quality of a bird, leading to a longer lifespan of African GRAY parrots.

To help you get started, here are some of the most important factors/features you need to consider when choosing the right cage for your African Gray parrot(s):

Inner space: A spacious cage is critical for promoting physical and mental health in these intelligent and active parrots. By choosing the right African GRAY parrot cage size, you can provide your birdie with a lot of inner space.

Material: Stainless steel is the gold standard for birdcage construction. It’s durable, rust-resistant, and safe for your parrot. Avoid wood cages as they can harbor bacteria, are harder to clean, and may pose a risk if your parrot decides to chew on them.

Bar spacing: Choose a cage with appropriate bar spacing to prevent any accidental injury or escape. For African GRAYs, bar spacing of 3/4 to 1 inch is ideal. This ensures they can’t get their heads stuck and maintains a secure environment.

Ease of cleaning: Prioritize a cage with removable trays or debris catchers. Cleaning up after your African GRAY should be a daily task, and having trays that slide out easily makes the process effortless.

These removable trays simplify removing waste, leftover food, and debris, contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment for your parrot.

This saves time and ensures that your bird’s living space remains hygienic, reducing the risk of potential health issues.

Pre-included accessories: Look for cages with important accessories like feeding cups and perches. These save you the hassle of buying them separately and ensure that they are designed to fit the cage perfectly.

Safe doors: Ensure the cage doors have secure locks that your clever African Gray can’t easily figure out. Safety is mandatory, and a well-designed door lock prevents any escape attempts and keeps your parrot secure inside.

Open play-top area: A cage with an open play-top area is a fantastic option. It provides an additional space for your parrot to relax, play, and enjoy a change of scenery.

Wheels for transport: Opt for a cage with wheels in case you have to move it around, regardless of how frequently. This feature adds convenience during the cleaning area around the cage or if you want to change your parrot’s location quickly.

Pro tip: Prioritize lockable wheels – this adds extra stability to the cage and reduces the chance of unwanted movements.