6 Best Cat Winter Jackets: Our Vet Choices

Cat winter jackets are awesome for keeping your cat warm and cozy during cold weather, especially if you are taking your kitty outside on adventures.

However, jackets have more functions:

  • They protect cat skin in case of medical conditions (such as skin allergies, infections, arthritis, etc.)
  • They help senior cats keep the optimal body temperature 
  • They are perfect for vet visits in colder months 
  • They are great for traveling 

Also, most of these jackets will ensure your kitty’s comfort and well-being if they’re easily startled or anxious.

Finding the best one for your kitty may take time. But our list can help you pick the puurfect one. We reviewed and listed some of the best cat winter jackets to help you out.

Note: all cats need to be supervised when wearing the jacket in case they try to remove it.

So, let’s find the best one for your kitty.

Best Cat Winter Jackets

JacketsPriceSee the jaket
SELMAI Cat Winter Jacket$19.28~$19.93See the jacket
EXPAWLORER Cat Sweater for Cold Weather$11.99See the jacket
Thundershirt Classic Cat Anxiety Jacket$19.98See the jacket
EXPAWLORER Plaid Cat Sweater$13.49~$13.99See the jacket
ANIAC Pet Hoodie$11.99~$13.99See the jacket
Jnancun Turtleneck Knitted Sleeveless Cat Sweater$14.97See the jacket

SELMAI Cat Winter Jacket

SELMAI Cat Winter Jacket

I recently got a SELMAI Winter Hoodie for my cat, and I want to share why my cat and I love it:

Keeps My Cat Cozy and Warm: This hoodie is incredibly warm, making it perfect for our winter walks. It’s like a cozy blanket for my cat, which gives me peace of mind knowing she’s snug and protected.

Has a Cute Hood: The little hood on the SELMAI cat winter hoodie is a great feature. It adds extra protection, especially on rainy or snowy days, and keeps my cat’s ears warm.

Stylish and Fashionable: If you like dressing up your cat and taking cute photos, this winter hoodie looks sleek and stylish, and my cat gets lots of compliments.

Easy to Put On: This cat winter hoodie is not only comfortable and stylish but also practical. It uses a Velcro closure, so it’s super easy to put on and take off. No more struggling or stressing my cat out.

Plus, it stays securely in place even during my cat’s most playful adventures.

Price: $19.28~$19.93

Check this jacket here.

EXPAWLORER Cat Sweater for Cold Weather

EXPAWLORER Cat Sweater for Cold Weather

If you love knitted clothes and accessories, I highly recommend checking out the EXPAWLORER Knitted Winter Sweater for cats. It’s available in five different colors and comes in three different sizes.

Here are some of the features you can expect from this cozy piece:

Extra Comfort: If your cat has sensitive skin, the EXPAWLORER cat winter sweater’s softness and high-quality material ensure your cat won’t experience any skin irritations. The cozy, breathable fabric keeps your kitty comfortable and snug, providing a sense of security.

Easy to Put On: Simply wrap it around your kitty and button it up. The sleeves fit comfortably, and you won’t struggle with complicated fasteners.

However, since it’s a breathable sweater without a hood or inner lining, there may be better options on our list for outdoors. 

Price: $11.99

Check this jacket here.



If you have an anxious cat who struggles to step out of their comfort zone, I highly recommend trying out the Thundershirt Anxiety Jacket for cats. 

Here’s why it’s a standout choice:

Anxiety Relief: The Thundershirt jacket for cats is uniquely designed to reduce anxiety and stress in feline friends. It’s like a reassuring hug for your cat, making it perfect for kitties who get easily scared during uncomfortable events like vet visits, traveling, or noisy holiday gatherings.

Medical Recovery Support: Thanks to its snug yet gentle fit, this winter jacket is more comfortable and stable than most others, providing a sense of security for your cat. It serves as a calming aid for cats recovering from medical conditions or dealing with issues like uncontrollable behavior.

Simple Wrap Design: This cat winter jacket is one of the easiest and quickest to put on and take off. With its simple wrap-and-secure design, you can swiftly wrap up your kitty, getting them ready in seconds.

Price: $19.98

Check this jacket here.

EXPAWLORER Plaid Cat Sweater

EXPAWLORER Plaid Cat Sweater

The EXPAWLORER Plaid Cat Sweater offers several great features:

Extra Warm Material: Crafted from super soft yet durable fleece material, this sweater is gentle on your kitty’s skin. Its thick, high-quality fabric ensures your cat stays warm during those chilly winter days. It’s an excellent choice if your cat ventures outside occasionally and needs that extra warmth for quick outdoor adventures.

Super Easy to Wear: This cat winter jacket is incredibly practical due to its easy-to-wear design, functioning as a pull-over sweater. You can dress your cat in it within seconds, ensuring your curious friend is ready for their next adventure in no time.

Festive Style: The EXPAWLORER Plaid Cat Sweater also brings a cozy, festive touch to your cat’s wardrobe. It features classic plaid Buffalo patterns, adding a dash of holiday spirit. It’s a delightful way to make your cat look extra cute for those Christmas holiday photos.

However, it’s worth noting that this sweater comes in only three different sizes, with a minimal inch difference in neck, chest, and body length. Finding the perfect fit might require some extra attention.

Price: $13.49~$13.99

Check this jacket here.



If you’re searching for a winter jacket that not only keeps your cat warm but also adds an extra touch of cuteness, be sure to explore the Pet Bunny Ears Hoodie by ANIAC. 

Here’s a quick look at what this adorable winter jacket offers:

Cute Bunny Ears: The cat winter jacket boasts an endearing feature – tiny bunny ears on the pet hoodie. It’s a fantastic way to make your kitty look adorable, especially during the winter holidays. Your cat will be transformed into a tiny, fluffy bunny!

Super Soft and Warm: The ANIAC Pet Hoodie is one of the softest and warmest jackets available for your cat. Its soft fleece material provides ample warmth on those chilly days. The fabric is gentle on your cat’s skin, and the super-soft texture ensures maximum comfort. 

This is particularly beneficial if your cat is hairless or a low-fur breed, as they are more susceptible to cold. This cozy winter jacket offers essential insulation, protecting your kitty from becoming too cold and maintaining their health.

Simple Pull-Over Design: When it comes to ease of use, this cat winter jacket sets a great example with its straightforward pull-over design. It saves you time and avoids any hassle when dressing your cat in it.

Price: $11.99~$13.99

Check this jacket here.



If your cat has an adventurous spirit and loves to stay active, you must consider trying out this sleeveless cat winter jacket. 

Here’s what you can expect from the Jnancun turtleneck sweater:

Sleeveless Design: The Jnancun turtleneck sweater features a casual sleeveless design, making it an excellent choice for keeping your cat active and cozy. Its design ensures that wearing this sweater is extra comfortable and doesn’t squeeze too tightly, which is perfect if your kitty prefers comfort and relaxation while wearing clothes.

Knitted Turtleneck Style: This sweater is a prime example of a knitted cat sweater with an extra cozy turtleneck. It provides warmth and a snug feeling during winter days, making it an excellent option for cats with less fur.

Variety of Colors: If you enjoy dressing up your cat and turning them into a furry supermodel, the Jnancun turtleneck sweater is a purr-fect choice. It comes in 14 different colors, making it easy to find the perfect sweater that complements your cat’s other clothes and accessories, solving the challenge of coordinating their wardrobe effortlessly.

Price: $14.97

Check this jacket here.

Which Cat Christmas Jacket Is the Best?

JacketsComfortWarmthDurabilityDesignOverall score
SELMAI Winter Coat4.
EXPAWLORER Cat Sweater for Cold Weather4.
Thundershirt Classic Cat Anxiety Jacket5.
EXPAWLORER Plaid Cat Sweater4.
ANIAC Pet Hoodie4.

Do cats need jackets in winter?

Cats, in general, do not need winter jackets. They come equipped with a natural fur coat that helps them regulate their body temperature. 

However, there are a few exceptions where a cat might benefit from a winter jacket:

1. Hairless Breeds: Hairless cat breeds, like the Sphynx, have little to no fur to protect them from the cold. In such cases, a cat sweater or jacket may be necessary to keep them warm when going outside.

2. Low-Fur Breeds: Some cat breeds have very short or thin fur, which doesn’t provide adequate insulation in cold weather. In these cases, a winter jacket can help keep them comfortable during outdoor excursions.

3. Medical Reasons: If a cat is recovering from surgery or illness and needs to maintain a specific body temperature, a jacket can be used for medical reasons.

4. Extremely Cold Environments: If you live in an extremely cold climate, where temperatures can drop significantly below freezing, a winter jacket may be considered for short outdoor trips, especially for cats not acclimated to such conditions.

5. Older cats: especially if they have medical issues or mobility issues, might require winter jaket to maintain body temperature. 

If your cat has mobility issues, you might also consider cat strollers

How to Choose the Best Jacket for Your Cat?

Before you choose the best jacket for your cat to keep them warm and cozy this winter, I’ve listed a few important features you should consider:

Consider the Size

Finding the right size that fits is one of the most important factors in determining whether the jacket will be cozy and the right choice for your cat.

So, take your cat’s measurements before browsing and make sure the product is the right size.

Opt For Soft and Gentle Materials

While it’s important to ensure your cat looks good, soft materials that are gentle on your cat’s skin and bring comfort should be the priority.

This is a must-consider feature if your kitty is easily irritated by wearing clothes and other accessories.

Look for Jackets That are Warm Enough for Your Cat

Some cats struggle to stay warm, especially hairless breeds like Sphynx. If you have a kitty who’s a low-fur breed, try to find jackets that include stuffing inside and can surely keep your cat warm during the winter.

Consider if It’s Easy to Wear

Most cats don’t like us putting the clothes on them – do look for jackets with simple buttons, wrapping stripes, or pull-over designs as these won’t make your cat feel uncomfortable and agitated.