6 Best Dog Christmas Stockings to Spoil Your Doggo This Year

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year than by pampering your beloved pups with a Christmas stocking filled with love and goodies?

Dog Christmas stockings are more than just festive decorations; they’re a fun way to make your doggo feel special during this magical season. 

In this guide, we’ll explore the top six dog Christmas stockings that will bring joy to your pet’s heart. 

Whether you’re looking for a stocking with a specific design, durability, or a personalized touch, we’ve got you covered. 

Best Dog Christmas Stockings

StockingsPriceCheck the stocking
WEWILL Embroidered Dog Christmas Stocking$9.99Check the stocking
Malier Dog Christmas Stocking$9.99 (currently on sale)Check the stocking
DIBSIES Personalized Dog Paw Christmas Stocking$19.95Check the stocking
GEX Christmas Stocking for Dogs$10.99Check the stocking
DELUX Buffalo Plaid Dog Christmas Stocking$9.99 (currently on sale)Check the stocking
Skylety 2 Pieces Dog Christmas Stocking$17.99Check the stocking

WEWILL Embroidered Dog Christmas Stocking – Best Overall

WEWILL Embroidered Dog Christmas Stocking

The Embroidered Dog Christmas Stocking by WEWILL is an absolute game-changer for my dog’s decoration – it’s the most well-rounded option I’ve tried so far.

Here are some of the reasons my dog and I love this stocking:

Festive embroidery: The WEWILL Dog Christmas Stocking is all about spreading the holiday spirit. It comes embroidered with adorable, cartoonish puppy designs and festive elements.

Generous size: At approximately 16 inches/40.6 cm long, this stocking may not be the largest one on my list, but it offers just enough space for all the treats, toys, and other goodies my dog loves!

Soft, cozy, and quality materials: Made with high-quality cotton, this is not only the softest and coziest stocking but also one of the most durable ones. It’s soft enough for my dog to use as a tiny little pillow but strong enough to endure my pup’s playtime!

Easy to hang: The WEWILL Dog Christmas Stocking also has a solid hanging loop, so I can hang it anywhere I want, hassle-free! And the best part is, I know it can hold all the stuffing, so I don’t have to worry about it tearing apart.

Price: $9.99

Check the stocking here.

Malier Dog Christmas Stocking

Malier Dog Christmas Stocking

If you’re looking for one of the most durable options with a lot of room for all the Christmas treats, toys, and other presents for your doggo, you should consider the dog Christmas stocking by Malier.

Cute bone shape: The standout feature of this stocking is its adorable style, coming with a bone shape. It is a fun and unique addition to other dog-friendly Christmas decorations.

Durable linen material: This stocking is crafted from high-quality linen and natural burlap. It has a charming, unique design and is rugged enough to withstand pawing and your doggo tugging.

So, you won’t have to worry about it wearing out after a single holiday season.

Spacious: With 17.1 inches x 10 inches in size, you’ll get plenty of room for pet toys, treats, and other presents to spoil your furry friend.

However, there’s one drawback to mention. The burlap material can be a bit rough, so if you have a small puppy or your dog has sensitive paws, it may not be the best choice.

Price: $9.99 (currently on sale)

Check the stocking here.

DIBSIES Personalized Dog Paw Christmas Stocking

DIBSIES Personalized Dog Paw Christmas Stocking

One of the best options to give your dog a more personalized, special Christmas stocking is the DIBSIES Christmas stocking. Let’s take a look at some of its amazing features:

Personalized engraving: My favorite feature of this stocking is its space for customizable engraving at the front. You can have your pup’s name beautifully embroidered on the stocking, turning it into a unique Christmas gift!

Quality materials: Dog Christmas Stocking by DIBSIES is made from high-quality materials that can withstand the test of your doggo’s paws and nibbling – it’s quite durable, so your dog can enjoy it for many Christmases to come.

Unique design: Another feature that I like is this stocking’s unique design. The stocking comes in the shape of a dog’s paw, making it a perfect option for a cute, dog-friendly Christmas ornament!

But I have to say, it’s one of the pricier dog Christmas stockings.

Price: $19.95

Check the stocking here.

GEX Christmas Stocking for Dogs

GEX Christmas Stocking for Dogs

Generous size: GEX Christmas Stocking for dogs measures a whopping 22 inches/55.9 cm, making it one of the largest dog stockings you can find for Christmas. With this one, you won’t have to worry about having enough space for your dog’s favorite holiday goodies!

Extra soft: This stocking has extra soft, high-quality, hand-sewn quilted lining. It’s one of those comfy stockings your dog will hardly resist snuggling up to when snoozing.

Gorgeous velvet design: Made from lovely velvet in a rich crimson color, the GEXT Dog Christmas Stocking is a stunning addition to your Christmas decorations – they’ll add a warm, festive touch to your home during the holiday season.

On the other hand, the hanging loop is noticeably thin, so it is perfect for light toys and snacks not so much for heavy gifts. 

Price: $10.99

Check the stocking here.

DELUX Buffalo Plaid Dog Christmas Stocking

DELUX Buffalo Plaid Dog Christmas Stocking

If you’re looking for a more traditional but still dog-oriented option, Buffalo Plaid Dog Christmas Stocking by DELUX is a must-try! Here are a few reasons why I’d recommend it:

Hand-knitted charm: This stocking is hand-knitted with love and care, making it an excellent choice if you’re into knitting and have some hand-knit Christmas ornaments.

Spacious size: The DELUX Buffalo Plaid stocking is another good example of a roomy Christmas stocking. With 16.5 inches/41.9 long and 10 inches/25.4 cm wide, it can easily hold plenty of Christmas presents for your dog.

Classic Buffalo plaid design: Another feature I like about this stocking is its classic Buffalo plaid patterns. It makes the design timeless, adding a rustic and cozy vine to your Christmas décor.

Considering this dog Christmas stocking is quite soft and the materials are a bit delicate, you should check some other options if your doggo is rougher when playing.

Price: $9.99 (currently on sale)

Check the stocking here.

Skylety 2 Pieces Dog Christmas Stocking

Skylety 2 Pieces Dog Christmas Stocking

Skylety Christmas Stockings for dogs come in a pair of two, making this one an ideal choice if you have more than just one furry friend – or if you just want to double the joy.

Here are some of its features that I appreciate:

Strong hanging loop: One of the good features of these stockings is their hanging loops. They’re much thicker than on most of the other dog Christmas stockings.

Cozy and plush: Due to soft plush, these stockings are extra cozy and perfect for snuggling.

Cute dog-oriented design: Skylety dog Christmas Stockings are another great example of cute details. One style includes adorned writings/letters and the other has cute little dog paws. A great option to make your dog(s) feel extra special during the holiday season.

But note that due to their thin materials, they might not be as durable as some other options from the list.

Price: $17.99

Check the stocking here.

Which Dog Christmas Stocking Is the Best?

StockingCapacityDurabilityDesignOverall score
WEWILL Embroidered Dog Christmas Stocking5.
Malier Dog Christmas Stocking4.
DIBSIES Personalized Dog Paw Christmas Stocking4.
GEX Christmas Stocking for Dogs4.
DELUX Buffalo Plaid Dog Christmas Stocking4.
Skylety 2 Pieces Dog Christmas Stocking4.

How to Choose the Best Christmas Stocking For Your Dog?

Let’s take a quick look at some of the most important features you should consider when trying to find the best dog Christmas stocking for your doggo:

The Capacity

First, think about the size of the stocking – think about its capacity. You’ll want one spacious enough to hold all the Christmas presents you prepared for your furry friend. 

Material and Durability

You should consider the material and durability of the stocking. While it’s important to have space, a stocking should contain high-quality material and a strong hanging loop.

These stockings will not only hold all that Christmas loot but also endure your dog’s playtime.

Personalization and Style

Dog Christmas stockings come in different designs and styles. So try to opt for stockings that match your dog’s personality or complement your holiday décor – you don’t want some plain, ordinary Christmas stockings.

Also, don’t forget that some stockings even offer personalization features, which can be excellent Christmas gifts for your pup and make them feel special!

Ideas for Dog Stocking Stuffers

Now that you have the best Christmas stocking for your doggo in mind, you may wonder what presents you could stuff it with. Here are some ideas you might want to check out:

Dog Toys

One of the most popular gifts for Christmas is toys. There are specially designed dog toys that are soft and safe for chewing and nibbling, which every dog loves!

Try to look for Christmas-themed dog toys that can fit in the stocking and are the right size for your dog. You should prioritize vet-approved dog toys or you can consult with your vet to find the safest toy for your dog.

Dog Shoes

Dog shoes are another great idea for a Christmas present, especially for those outdoor adventures during winter. They’re an excellent way to keep those cute paws safe and warm.

Most dog shoes, specifically anti-slip dog shoes, are made of quality materials and provide a comfortable fit. And they come in all kinds of styles and sizes.

So, don’t forget to take your doggo’s measurements before choosing one.

Toothpaste for Dogs

Oral hygiene is important for dogs, especially if you decide to spoil yours with all the delicious treats and snacks during Christmas. That’s why dog toothpaste can be a great idea for a Christmas gift.

When dog owners have trouble bruising their dogs’ teeth, I often recommend they make it into a game. So gift giving and a cozy atmosphere during holidays is an excellent time to get into teeth bruising routine

If your dog gets anxious, here is a Christmas gift idea that can’t fit into a stocking but could help bring joy this Christmas. 

Dog Beds

Since there are often loud events during Christmas, such as fireworks and family gatherings, some dogs tend to feel a bit uncomfortable. This is why an anti-anxiety dog bed can be an excellent idea for a Christmas gift, especially if your dog gets anxious around the holiday season.