100 + Turtle Names to Get Inspired

Whether you’ve recently adopted a pet turtle or have been a longtime turtle enthusiast, one of the first delightful tasks that comes your way is choosing the ideal name for your shelled companion.

Turtle names are not just about selecting a word; it’s an opportunity to infuse character, meaning, and whimsy into your turtle’s identity. 

From mythical and historical references to cute and playful names, there are many options to explore. 

In this article, we’ll take you through the world of turtle names, offering a diverse selection of monikers that suit various turtle personalities and backgrounds.

So, whether you’re searching for a name that reflects your turtle’s characteristics, draws inspiration from mythology, or simply makes you smile, we’ve got you covered. 

Let’s embark on this delightful quest to find the perfect name for your beloved, shell-wearing friend.

Mythical Turtle Names

mystical turtle names

Tiamat: Named after the Babylonian goddess of the sea.

Gamera: Inspired by the giant flying turtle from Japanese kaiju films.

Kurma: Named after the second avatar of Lord Vishnu, the tortoise.

Shenlong: Refers to the Dragon God in Chinese mythology.

Vritra: Named after the dragon or serpent in Hindu mythology.

Ao Kuang: A dragon king in Chinese mythology, sometimes depicted as a turtle.

Kappa: A water creature from Japanese folklore, often resembling a turtle.

Male Turtle Names

For male turtles, a distinctive and imaginative name is “Zephyr.” Derived from Greek mythology, Zephyr was the god of the west wind, symbolizing a sense of freedom and adventure. 

Another option is “Blaze,” signifying the turtle’s fiery and determined personality.

 Spike: Represents the spiky appearance of some turtle shells.

 Tank: Signifies the sturdiness of a turtle.

 Rocky: Refers to the hard and rocky surfaces turtles often encounter.

 Atlas: Inspired by the Greek titan who carried the world on his shoulders.

 Brutus: A strong and formidable name.

 Leo: A short and easy-to-remember name.

 Max: Simple and classic.

 Oliver: A friendly and approachable name.

 Sheldon: Inspired by the character Sheldon Cooper from “The Big Bang Theory.”

 Ralph: A traditional and timeless choice.

Female Turtle Names

One unique and creative name for a female turtle is “Luna.” This name is inspired by the moon, symbolizing the turtle’s calm and serene nature. 

Another idea is “Nova,” which means “new” in Latin, representing the turtle’s ability to adapt and thrive in different environments.

 Shellby: A wordplay on “shelter” and “shell.”

 Lucy: A sweet and classic name.

 Tasha: A charming and easy-to-remember name.

 Pearl: Signifying the beauty of a pearl.

 Daisy: A cute and floral-inspired name.

 Isabella: A graceful and elegant choice.

 Mabel: A vintage name with a touch of charm.

 Sandy: Reflecting sandy beach environments.

 Penelope: An elegant and regal name.

 Turtella: A creative blend of “turtle” and “tortilla.”

Cute Turtle Names

 Squirt: Perfect for a small, cute turtle.

 Wiggles: Reflecting their sometimes wiggly movements.

 Tiny: Signifying their small size.

 Bubbles: Inspired by underwater bubbles.

 Pudding: A sweet and adorable choice.

 Jellybean: A playful and colorful name.

 Scooter: Suggesting their slow, scooterlike pace.

 Cupcake: Sweet and delightful.

 Pickles: A fun and quirky option.

 Giggles: Reflecting their endearing nature.

Historical and Traditional Names

 Galen: Named after the ancient Greek physician and philosopher.

 Aristurtle: A clever fusion of “aristocrat” and “turtle.”

 Pliny: After Pliny the Elder, an ancient Roman author.

 Leonardo: Inspired by the Renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci.

 Chelone: In Greek mythology, a nymph who was transformed into a turtle.

 Kuraokami: A Japanese water deity often depicted as a turtle.

 Aesop: Named after the famous fable storyteller Aesop.

 Tetsu: A Japanese name meaning “turtle.”

 Chelonia: A genus name for sea turtles.

 Terrance: A traditional and strong name.

Nature Inspired Turtle Names

 Moss: Reflecting their association with water and ponds.

 Pebble: Symbolizing their affinity for rocky habitats.

 River: Suggesting their aquatic nature.

 Fern: A name inspired by lush, green plants.

 Willow: A graceful and nature-inspired choice.

 Pebbles: Similar to “Pebble,” emphasizing their connection to rocks.

 Coral: Reflecting their oceanic habitat.

 Algae: A nod to the underwater plant life.

 Kelp: Signifying their marine surroundings.

 Sandy: Evoking sandy beaches and coastal environments.

Famous Turtle Names

 Franklin: Named after Franklin the Turtle, a popular children’s book character.

 Myrtle: Inspired by Myrtle the Turtle from the “Harry Potter” series.

 Michelangelo: After one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, known for his creativity.

 Donatello: Another Ninja Turtle, known for his intelligence and technology.

 Leonardo: Yet another Ninja Turtle, known for his leadership and strategic skills.

 Raphael: One more Ninja Turtle, known for his strength and combat skills.

 Crush: Inspired by the laidback sea turtle from “Finding Nemo.”

 Squirt: Also from “Finding Nemo,” one of Crush’s offspring.

 Yertle: Named after Yertle the Turtle, a character from Dr. Seuss’s book.

Colorful Turtle Names

 Ember: A name associated with fiery colors.

 Onyx: Reflecting the deep, black color of some turtle shells.

 Topaz: A name inspired by a vibrant gemstone.

 Amber: Suggesting the warm, golden color.

 Indigo: A deep and rich shade of blue.

 Ruby: A name reflecting the red gemstone.

 Saffron: A bright and warm color.

 Jasper: Named after a type of precious stone.

 Jet: Signifying a glossy, black hue.

 Opal: Inspired by the gemstone with a play of colors.

Turtle Names Based on Shells

 Scoop: A playful reference to the scooped shape of their shell.

 Carapace: The protective upper part of a turtle’s shell.

 Scute: A term for the individual bony plates on a turtle’s shell.

 Shelly: A cute and straightforward reference to their shell.

 Plastron: The flat, protective part on the underside of a turtle’s shell.

 Testudo: The Latin word for “turtle” or “tortoise.”

 Turlington: A creative and turtle-inspired name.

 Shield: Symbolizing the protective nature of a turtle’s shell.

 Bumpy: Suggesting the texture of a turtle’s shell.

 Pattern: Refers to the unique patterns on their shells.

Turtle Names Based on Personality

 Chill: Reflecting their calm and laidback nature.

 Cautious: Signifying their natural wariness.

 Basker: Inspired by their love of basking in the sun.

 Pensive: Suggesting their thoughtful and contemplative demeanor.

 Explorer: Signifying their curious and adventurous spirit.

 Muncher: Reflecting their love for eating and grazing.

 Zen: Evoking a sense of tranquility and peace.

 Zenith: Suggesting their peak or prime.

 Shy Guy: A playful and endearing name for a reserved turtle.

 Wanderer: Reflecting their slow but determined wanderings.

Factors to Consider When Naming Your Turtle

Your turtle’s personality, appearance, and species can all play a role in finding the perfect name.

Your Turtle’s Personality

Observe your turtle’s behavior and temperament. Does it have a calm and relaxed demeanor, or is it more active and curious? Naming it based on its personality can be a fun way to reflect individuality.

For example, if your turtle is always exploring its tank and seems to have a curious nature, you could consider naming it “Adventurous” or “Curiosity.” 

If your turtle is known for its calm and relaxed disposition, names like “Zen” or “Chill” could be fitting.

Remember, your turtle’s personality may evolve, so be open to adjusting its name as you get to know it better.

Your Turtle’s Appearance

Take note of unique markings, colors, or patterns on your turtle’s shell. These characteristics can serve as inspiration for its name.

For instance, if your turtle has a shell with beautiful, intricate patterns, you could consider names like “Mosaic” or “Artistic“. If it has a vibrant and striking color, names like “Sunny” or “Rainbow” could be fitting.

You can also consider the shape and size of your turtle. If it has a particularly long neck, you could name it “Stretch” or “Slinky“. If it has a large and sturdy build, names like “Tank” or “Hercules” could be suitable.

Your Turtle’s Species

turtle names for red turtle

Research the natural habitat and origins of your turtle’s species. This can help you select a name that reflects its heritage or is associated with its native environment.

For example, if your turtle belongs to a species native to the Amazon rainforest, you could consider names like “Rio” or “Amazon“. 

If it is a species found in the deserts of Africa, names like “Sahara” or “Savannah” could be appropriate.

You can also consider names commonly associated with the cultural background of your turtle’s species. For instance, if your turtle is of a species commonly found in Japan, names like “Sakura” or “Koi” could be meaningful choices.

Remember, the name you choose for your turtle should not only reflect its species but also honor and celebrate its unique qualities.