9 Fun Ways To Spend Christmas With Your Cat

Although being together during Christmas matters the most, you may wonder if there are any engaging, fun ways to spend this magical holiday with your kitty. The good news is, there are – it just takes a bit of time and creativity.

Let’s make this Holiday season puuurfect.

1. Christmas Tree Arrangement

One of the most fun (if not the most fun) activities during Christmas is decorating the Christmas tree. But as we know, Christmas trees and cats are not a match made in heaven.

So before we move on to the holiday cheer, let’s quickly secure the tree.  

You have three options: 

  • Protect the tree
  • Get your kitty their own tree
  • Or DIY a Christmas-themed tree

Protect Your Christmas Tree

cat in the christmas tree

Operation ‘’Protect Christmas Tree’’ is critical to ensure your curious little friend doesn’t hurt themselves or ruin your home’s most important festive ornament.

Jumping on the tree and knocking it down, pulling down and breaking the ornaments, or damaging the tree base by scratching the bark are only a few of the common cat-astrophies – I know.

If you’re wondering how to keep cat out of the Christmas tree, we have a full guide on our blog.

Make Your Christmas Tree Safe For Your Cat

cat looking at the christmas tree

Real, traditional Christmas trees we use can be dangerous for our cats, and there’s no fun in constantly worrying about whether your cat will hurt themselves.

If you’re using a natural Christmas tree, try to focus on making your Christmas tree as safe as possible for your kitty before the fun begins. We listed some of the best ways to make your Christmas tree safer for your cat.

Get Your Cat Their Own Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree is the most important Christmas ornament that provides the most festive touch to our decorations. One of the best ways to make your cat feel special and have even more fun memories this holiday season is to give your cat their personal cat Christmas tree.

Most of these cat Christmas trees come with multiple platforms, which serve as cat beds, and a lot of fun, colorful lights. On top of that, these specifically designed Christmas trees for cats add a nice, festive touch to your décor.

Pro tip: You can always add some Christmas-themed cat ornaments and toys to turn it into your cat’s playground for even more fun!

Make A DIY Christmas Tree For Your Cat

diy christmas tree for cats

Another great example of gifting your cat their personal, cat-friendly Christmas is to make one yourself – with the help of your curious friend, of course. After all, you know what works best for your kitty and what they like the most.

Making a DIY Climbable Christmas tree for cats can be a fun and engaging activity for both of you. And if you don’t have much time this holiday season, you can always turn your cat’s regular tree into a Christmas one.

For instance, you can simply decorate one using Christmas-themed cat ornaments and cat toys. If you don’t have one yet, you can find all kinds of cat trees online.

2. Christmas Decoration

Christmas decorations are another fun activity that can bond you and your cat closer. It’s also a great way to discover what ornaments and toys your kitty finds interesting.

Cat Christmas Stocking

cat with cat christmas stocking

Christmas stockings are one of the most iconic decorations and presents to gift during this magical holiday. And the best part is, there are cat Christmas stockings, specially designed for our furry friends.

Cat Christmas stockings can be an excellent way to surprise your kitty with their favorite items and capture some adorable Christmas photos!

You can find some amazing stockings with cat-oriented patterns and details and plenty of space for all the cat Christmas toys, snacks, and all other goodies your kitty loves!

On top of that, these stockings are made of soft and cat-friendly materials, adding a nice, festive touch to other Christmas decorations.

3. Make a cozy spot

cat snuggled in blanket

You can add a soft blanket on your couch for snuggles. 

Or you can try placing a cat-themed blanket over your cat’s favorite place, such as a cat bed on their cat tree – this will bring a much more cozy feel to your cat’s resting place and make their naps even more comfortable.

You can opt for a self-warming cat bed if your cat loves warm places. 

It is small enough to fit on your couch or bad, but still puuurfect size for a kitty. 

4. Give Your Cat Christmas Gifts

cat among christmas gifts

Nothing brings a smile like seeing our loved ones happy. And giving a Christmas present to your cat is a purr-fect way to bring joy and happiness and create some beautiful memories together.

There are many different options you can try this Christmas, such as stockings, hats, collars, toys, snacks, cat trees, and more!

5. Get Your Cat a Christmas Hat

kitty wearing a santa hat

What is more festive and cute than a Christmas hat? A Christmas hat for your kitty!

There are all kinds of cat Christmas hats you can gift to your cat and turn them into cute little Santa – a beautiful way to create long-lasting memories..

And if you’ve never got a hat for your cat before, don’t worry – most hats come with adjustable straps. Also, a comfortable and quality Cat Christmas hat will keep your kitty warm during the holiday season’s chilly weather.

6. Get Your Cat a Christmas Collar

cat with christmas collar

Another fun way of dressing up your cat for Christmas would be to find them a cute little collar. Cat Christmas collars can be an excellent way to make your kitty a main attraction during the holiday and take some fun and pretty photos to cherish for many, many years ahead.

Cat collars are made of comfy, soft materials and include safety features such as breakaway buckles and safety bells so you can have peace of mind during Christmas adventures.

7. Special Christmas Snacks/Treats

cat among christmas cat treats

You can surprise your kitty with tasty gourmet cat food this holiday season. You can find delicious, pre-made meals for your cat and ensure they don’t feel left out.

However, if you have time and want to make something special, a quick and simple homemade recipe will make your kitty happy. 


  • 1/2 cup of cooked turkey meat (boneless)
  • 1 tablespoon of finely grated and boiled carrots
  • 2 tablespoons of diced and boiled green beans
  • Tuna water for extra flavor


  1. Start by cooking and shredding the turkey meat. Ensure there are no bones, as they can be safe for your kitty.
  1. Boil the carrots until they’re tender, and finely grate them. This makes it easier for your cat to digest.
  1. Dice the green beans and boil them as well. This adds some healthy greens to the mix; your cat shouldn’t have trouble digesting a small amount.
  1. Combine the cooked turkey, grated carrots, and diced green beans in a bowl.
  1. Add a splash of tuna water to enhance the flavor and aroma. Cats love the scent and taste of tuna.
  1. Mix everything together, creating a festive feast for your cat.

Pro tip (optional): Try using a mold shaped like a Christmas tree to give the treat a fun and festive look.

  1. Let it cool to room temperature to ensure it’s safe for your cat to eat.

8. Movie Nights

a family with a cat on a couch watching movie

Snuggling up in a comfy spot with your pet while watching movies is a great way to relax during the holiday. 

Although ‘’The Grinch’’ and ‘’Aristocrats’’ often feature cats, you could try something even more kitty-focused. 

Here are a few ideas to help you out:

Now, you can create a comfy viewing area – try arranging your cat’s favorite blanket or bed next to yours, so you can snuggle up. Also, don’t forget to prepare some snacks for yourself and some cat treats for your furry companion.

And then, let the movie night begin!

9. Make memories: A Photoshoot

cat posing for a photo in front of the christmas tree

Look for a professional photo shoot in your area. If you are scrappy with your camera or phone – you can DIY it.
Set your phone or camera timer and ensure plenty of light before taking a photo in front of the Christmas tree.

Having your camera/phone on a tripod or something stable is also best.

These photos can be your Holiday card.